Shek Pik Country Trail ~ Easy

After a long time Nigel and I decided to hike on a Saturday and this time we had the company of a sweet 6 year old boy, Urvi’s son, Vyom. So we decided to do an easy hike as it was Vyom’s first hike and Shek Pik Country trail, part of section 9 of the Lantau trail.

The route

Difficulty: 4/10 due to the very rugged and rocky terrain

Duration: 2 hours 34 minutes. 6.5 kilometres.

How to get there: We took the MTR to Tung Chung and exited at Exit B. We met Urvi and Vyom there and walked to the Ngong Ping cable car station.

Once we reached we walked through the Ngong Ping village to the Wisdom Path.

The Shek Pik Country trail was on the right. ( Do not enter this path.)

And we started our walk down the path. Vyom wanted a hiking stick so we searched for a suitable one for him.

It was rugged, pebbled filled and a rocky path. We couldn’t just amble, we had to be alert whilst walking on this path.

Here’s our little hiker with his mum and his hiking stick.

We got to see the Shek Pik Reservoir in the distance. Shek Pik Reservoir is a reservoir in Shek Pik on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Built between 1957 and 1963, it has a storage capacity of 24 million cubic metres and is the third largest reservoir in Hong Kong after High Island Reservoir and Plover Cove Reservoir.

We four walked down this path. It was hot but thankfully quite shaded. That was some solace to a hot and humid 30 degrees temperature day.

Our little hiker continued walking. Incessant chatter whilst we enjoyed the beautiful sights and sounds on our walk down this pretty path.

We saw quite a few hikers along the way. We took a short water break and continued on the path.

We still had quite a bit to walk and it was hot 🥵.

We came to the start of the West Dog teeth climb. ( Still remember that memorable hike )

We continued downhill and the little lad was getting tired. His feet were tired so we took a breather but this brave guy got back on the trail and we trudged along.

Nigel was a bit ahead and we took turns to carry that gigantic hiking stick.

We felt we were near the end but God no! It felt like forever. And we kept on with ‘ Just a little bit more.’ dialogue for Vyom.

We passed the starting point to Middle dog’s teeth too.

Finally, the end seemed near. We climbed down the steps and to a lovely picnic spot.

We found a nice shaded spot and enjoyed the still piping hot tea and goodies that Urvi got for us. It was mana. 😄

After that we hit the road to the bus stop and took an extremely crowded number 23 back to the Tung Chung bus terminus.

The pretty pink Bauhinia

So this hike….. perfect for the summer, child friendly though you’ve to be careful as some places on the trail are extremely narrow and rocky. One must exercise caution while walking on this trail. Also one must carry mosquito repellent as we got bit. However, we loved this path, it was picturesque, pretty and an easy doable hike. I didn’t see any dogs on the trail, however it is dog friendly but again take care of your dog on the narrow path and don’t take them along when it’s too hot.

All in all a great hike and loads of fun with Vyom who kept me entertained the entire way.

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Happy hiking, stay safe and stay hydrated!

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