Fa Ping Teng Rock Hike – Medium

Patricia, Lamiya and I decided to hike up to Fa Ping Teng rock to confirm the shape as it is said that it resemble a vase. It didn’t.

The route

Difficulty: 5/10 . An endless climb up myriad steps at the start. Approximately 270 meters ascent.

Duration: 2.5 hours with photography and a break for lunch

How to get there: From Tung Chung MTR ; we walked towards the bus stop near the Tung Chung Swimming pool opposite Tung Chung Crescent. We took E11A to the Lantau toll plaza . Also one can take any airport bus such as A11, E11, E21 or E22 to the toll plaza.

We took the subway once we alighted from the bus to crossover to the start of the trail.

And climbing we did!! It was hot; the sun beating down on our pates.

Up the first part

However; the view was beautiful. Tsing Yi and the Tsing ma bridge could be seen in the distance.

The sights were pretty and we spent a bit of time taking in nature.

We continued on our way and came to a detour. We took the left and continued on the rugged path.

We continued down a very rugged and rocky path and I walked slower than a sloth 🦥.

Finally, we spotted the Fa Ping Teng rock. Vase!! No way!! A lion’s head , a dog’s head resemblance but definitely not a vase.

We walked a few minutes to reach this beautiful formation.

We decided to take a break for lunch after our arduous hike up and downhill to this rock. Lamiya had got some delicious falafels and hummus, Patricia with healthy brownies and lazy me with store bought danishes.

The chefs

There were a couple of hikers who were overtly obsessed with clicking pictures of themselves; from every nook and cranny.

Post lunch, we decided to head back as it was noon and the sun was at its brightest.

Fa Ping Teng rock
The majestic bridge
Kowloon and Hong Kong island in the distance

We got back to where we started and headed back to Tung Chung. However, one can take the airport buses to the island or other destinations in Hong Kong too.

So this was the hike! Absolutely enjoyable and doable but one must wear proper clothing and footwear and carry ample water as the entire trail is open and exposed.

Dog friendly but not child friendly; however if you feel your offspring can hike then take them along.

Do try this hike and let me know what you think of the Fa Ping Teng rock.

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Happy Hiking, stay safe and please please keep my Hong Kong clean.

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