Tuesdays are easy hike days and so me and my ‘chicks’ decided to do the hike from Pokfulam to the Victoria peak.

How to get there: Take the MTR to HKU station and exit at C1. Take a right, you will pass Belchers. Keep walking straight. On the opposite side you will see a petrol pump. Cross the road and just near the petrol station the trail starts.

Duration: nearly three hours with walk down the Peak to Central MTR.

Difficulty: 3/10 initial climb involves a lot of steps. After that it’s a lovely walk.

Luckily half way there was a sitting area so we could rest.

We followed the path stating Pinewood Battery and kept walking.

Saw a lovely Buddha carved on stone on the way.

We continued straight up the path. We followed the route to the peak. Found some toilets on the way. May help for those who want a quick relief.

We came to the board which stated Lung Fu Shan Country Park. We took the morning trail toward the peak. That is a very family friendly walk and kids will love it.

Very picturesque walk must say…

We found a bench and clicked some photos.

We continued on the straight path.

We came across this sweet man playing the flute. It was awesome.

We continued towards the morning trail.

It’s a lovely walk, lovely trees, lovely flowers along the way.

We saw the Pokfulam Reservoir from up too.

And we clicked some more pics.

We continued on this trail and came across a waterfall or more a trickle.

We nearly reached the end and we were atop Victoria Peak.

We then stopped at Pacific Coffee before we headed down the Peak tram path to take the MTR from Central.

This was a lovely hike indeed. Relaxed but beautiful.

We celebrated our 10th hike as a group too.

Do try this one.

Happy Hiking everyone!


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