Tai Tan hike ( to Wan Tsai )

Saturday morning and my friend and I decided to try something new. We decided to try a hike in Sai Kung called the Tai Tan Country Trail.

Difficulty: 4/10 due to the rugged path and a tiny bit of a climb

How to get there: Take the Mtr to Hang Hau and exit at B2. On the left is the bus depot take the green mini bus 101M to Sai Kung Town. From Sai Kung Town’s minibus terminal close to seafood street, take minibus 7 to Hoi Ha. Get off near Hau Tong Kai. 

But we just took a cab to the start of the trail as it’s pretty time consuming.

Duration: 3 hours

We started the trail which was pretty, loads of spider webs adorned our path.

We came across a little stream on the way.

We continued on our way through the trodden path.

We got to see such beautiful flora and fauna along the way.

We kept walking straight.

We came to a wall where there were houses and we didn’t know how to proceed further. Thankfully we met this lovely couple who gave us directions.

We were walking along the coast and it was such a pretty sight.

The sun was scorching but we trudged along.

The sky and the blue waters were mesmerisingly beautiful.

We came to a secluded beach and stopped for some tea and chutney sandwiches. We were famished.

Finally after walking and walking we came to a board which pointed towards Hoi Ha and Wan Tsai.

We decided to go towards the Wan Tsai Campsite, relieve ourselves and chill. We had also run out of fluids.

Finally we took the ferry from Wan Tsai to Wong Shek Pier.

Schedule in site below:

From Wong Shek pier there are buses like KMB 94 which will take you to Sai Kung.

However we were tired and thirsty so we took a cab to Hang Hau Mtr which is approximately a 40 minute drive and over a 150 hkd.

But this hike was fantastic even though it was extremely hot.

Do try it!


This is not a stroller friendly hike and please use mosquito repellent, sun screen and carry lots of water especially during summer.


Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu one of the majestic mountains in Malaysia and my husband and I had the good fortune of climbing right to the top. ( part of the 40th birthday wish)

We went through Amazing Borneo where they took care of our pickup from the hotel and dropped us to the Kinabalu national park.

Quick Facts About Climbing Mount Kinabalu from the website

  • Standing majestically at 4,095m (13,435 feet above sea level), Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea.
  • 185 climb permits is the maximum daily limit issued per day by Sabah Parks for climbing Mount Kinabalu
  • All climbers are required to apply Sabah Parks climb permits and Panalaban accommodation in advance.
  • All climbers are required to engage a mountain guide. The ratio of climbers to mountain guides depend on the size of the group and the age of the climbers. One mountain guide is allowed to take a maximum of two (2) children aged below 16 years or a maximum of five (5) climbers aged 16 years and above in the same group.
  • Timpohon Gate (1,866m a.s.l) @ Kinabalu National Park is the starting and ending points for all climbers.
  • There are two summit trails starting from Panalaban to Sayat-Sayat; the Ranau Summit Trail (opened in 1 Dec 2015) & the Kota Belud Summit Trail (opened in 9 Dec 2016).
  • Laban Rata Resthouse, Pendant Hut, and Lemaing Hut are the current accommodation at Panalaban base camp for climbers.
  • The only restaurant is located in Laban Rata Resthouse and it provides buffet meals inclusive in the climb package.

For more information refer to the website

We got the view of mountain from the Kinabalu National park and from the park we were dropped in a van to the start of the trail.

The climb was rocky and rugged but beautiful.

We climbed and climbed , there were resting points along the way where we took breaks to drink water and chomp on energy bars and fruits.

Finally we took a stop for lunch provided by the operators filled with boiled veggies and chicken.

We then continued our climb after this not very interesting lunch but we needed the energy.

We continued the not so easy climb but took in the views that were absolutely breathtaking.

Finally we reached Panalban which is the 3272 meter mark where the Laban Rata guesthouse stood and we were joyous.

The guesthouse was lovely with a lovely eating area, loads of pictures filled the walls with motivational, positive quotes.

The view from the guesthouse was fantastic. We got to witness the sunset which was stunning.

Post an early dinner we hit the dormitory as we had to assemble at 2.30 am to climb to the summit.

We got a picture with one of our roommates Alexander too.

Next morning 2.00 am we were up, had a heavy breakfast and we hit the trail.

This climb wasn’t easy, over 900 meters in darkness, pulling our bodies up with ropes, steep cliffs and rugged trails.

But I pushed myself I wanted to reach the summit before sunrise as 5.58 am.

And I did , the husband followed a bit later but he reached the summit too.

It was an absolutely amazing feeling being atop the summit 13000 plus feet above sea level. The views were heavenly.

Got a picture with the Indian flag that I proudly displayed amongst the other climbers.

Finally the husband reached the summit and we got clicked again.

It was extremely cold atop the mountain. So we decided to climb down which was arduous too.

We had to jump a bit with the ropes. If we left the ropes , we’d all topple over.

The views going down were fantastic, it felt like you’d fall directly into nothingness.

With our guide

It was tiresome coming down the mountain but we enjoyed every bit of it.

Two days of climbing …. absolutely worth it! There are different packages but we opted for the two days 1 night package, even though challenging testing our mental and physical strength.

So I’ll just end staying that to climb mount Kinabalu you need legs of steel and a never give up attitude, as it can get tiring but climbing this mountain is worth every bit of sweat, ache and pain.

I fell in love with this mountain … the Majestic, hellish, heavenly Mount Kinabalu and May one day go back again.

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