Tai Tan hike ( to Wan Tsai ) – Easy

Saturday morning and my friend and I decided to try something new. We decided to try a hike in Sai Kung called the Tai Tan Country Trail. Difficulty: 4/10 due to the rugged path and a tiny bit of a climb How to get there: Take the Mtr to Hang Hau and exit at B2. … Continue reading Tai Tan hike ( to Wan Tsai ) – Easy

Climbing Mount Kinabalu – Difficult

Mount Kinabalu one of the majestic mountains in Malaysia and my husband and I had the good fortune of climbing right to the top. ( part of the 40th birthday wish) We went through Amazing Borneo https://www.mountkinabalu.com where they took care of our pickup from the hotel and dropped us to the Kinabalu national park. … Continue reading Climbing Mount Kinabalu – Difficult