Fat Mun Ancient Path Trail ~ Medium hike

This Tuesday 21st September 2021, I decided to conduct a hike at Lantau island since there are many beautiful trails to explore there. So, we hiked up to Ngong Ping village via the Fat Mun Ancient trail.

The route

Difficulty: 5/10 only because it was a climb up and beginners may find the climb arduous.

Duration: 1.45 minutes only walking time . Approximately 5 kilometres and over 90 floors climb as per my Apple watch.

How to get there: I took the train to Tung Chung Mtr and exited at B, met the 13 ladies and walked to the temporary bus terminus on the opposite side of the Tung Chung Bus terminus passing the Ngong Ping cable car terminal. We took bus number 34 , a 28 seater bus to the last stop at Shek Mun Kap village.

We alighted and followed the sign that mentioned Ngong Ping.

It was a gradual climb and we passed the Lo Hon Monastery.

We kept walking up the slopes as we trudged along in the sweltering heat.

We continued uphill and stopped at a pretty waterbody where the ladies clicked photos.

We followed the signs pointing towards Ngong Ping and climbed up the steps that followed….. quite a long climb up 😅

We passed tiny shrines and monasteries on the way. However, they were shut to the public due to the Pandemic.

Beautiful monasteries, foliage and scenery filled the path. It was lovely!

Grey clouds covered the sky and I knew we were going to get drenched again akin to our hike last week.

We knew we were close when we saw the signs pointing to the bus terminus and Ngong Ping 360.

The perfect end was seeing the Tan Tian Buddha watching over us from above. It was a divine sight.

Some of the ladies decided to take the bus number 23 back to Tung Chung whilst some of us decided to lunch at Matsuko Express. My favourite go to at Ngong Ping with delectable food and extremely hospitable staff. Even though we were drenched to the bone, they let us in and also stated that our health was more important. This was a perfect end to the hike!

Post a hearty lunch, we took the # 23 bus to Tung Chung Bus terminus and headed home.

This was a hike filled with adventure, beauty and seasonal changes that we experienced in a span of two hours.

However, if you’ve not hiked before , do not start with this hike. For many hikers, this is not an easy hike due to the steep climb.

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Stay safe, don’t litter and enjoy the beautiful side of Hong Kong!

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