The Governor’s Walk – From HKU via Morning Trail/ Lung Fu Shan – Medium

Mondays are my day off and it was also a public holiday in Hong Kong. So the better half and I decided to do an evening hike after a cup of piping hot milk tea.

We decided to burn the excessive, over-eating calories by doing a strenuous hike to the top of the Peak via this hidden path on Lugard Road.

Difficulty: 4/10 due to the continuous climb

Duration: 1.5 hours

How to get there: From HKU MTR exit A1 we took the elevator to FB A2 The university of Hong Kong and kept walking through the university till we came to the start of the trail.

Follow the photos below:

Follow the Graduate house steps and keep climbing.

Cross the road and the trail begins.

Also please note CARRY YOUR HONG KONG ID as they are checking when you pass through the university due to COVID-19.

Luckily, I had carried my ID and we had no issue.

We got on to Hatton road which connected us to the Morning Trail.

They were sitting areas and toilets along the way for rest and release 😁.

We came across sign boards and followed the Peak sign.

The slope was concrete so it was easy and we were covered by avenues of green on both sides.

We came to a sign ‘ Lung Fu Shan Country Park’ . Here there were toilets too. We kept walking till we finally reached the park on Harlech Road.

We crossed and got on to Lugard Road and just near the sign we spotted steps. We decided to walk up those steps.

We kept walking straight and didn’t deviate from the path.

We came to an intersection but decided to take the path up where a sign stating ‘ The Governor’s walk’ was mentioned. We followed that path.

We finally came to a gazebo at the top where we got beautiful views of the south of the island and the vast expanse of blue.

We could see Victoria park below which was overly crowded.

We spotted a shop and bought water. This shop is closed on Sundays and only accepts cash.

We decided to head back and walked down mount Austin road.

We got to see a bit of the sunset and continued down Findlay path.

We got to see Hong Kong at night in all its splendour.

The path down was dark and thankfully the torch on my phone helped, since my eyesight is not at its best at 41 but the husband led me down sweetly.

Finally we reached Kennedy Road, took a cab and headed home, all sweaty and cold.

For details on how to get back from the peak refer to my blogs below:

Atop Victoria Peak

Peak Trail

It was a lovely hike and perfect during this weather. However, it was crowded due to the public holiday so best to avoid on such days.

This hike is child friendly and dog friendly ( not through the university of Hong Kong). We saw a lot of dogs along the way walking up through Hatton road.

Do try it! Happy Hiking!

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