Tai Tam – Boa Vista Route to Mount Parker Trail

Tai Tam – Boa Vista Route to Mount Parker Trail

Just before the Tai Tam Reservoir bridge there is a trail which takes you to Tai Tam Reservoir near Tai Tam Road.

How to get there: Number 14 bus that goes to Stanley , alight just before bridge and walk backwards. You will the board above opposite the road and steps going to the trail.

Duration : 3 hours till Mount Parker ending at Kings Road, Quarry Bay

Difficultly: 5/10 lots of walking up slopes. It is family friendly as my 7.5 year old enjoyed the beaten track.

Follow the trail and keep walking. Look down though as there are lots of stones and leaves and roots of trees covering the path.

Lovely rustic path that takes you to a beautiful stream and waterfalls.

Continue up the steps and keep walking.

You will then come to the path that connects with the Tai Tam Country Park trail that goes to mount Parker.

You come to an intersection where there will two paths leading to mount Parker, we took the Wong Nai Chung gap one.

We visited this old structure too on our way at the end of the slope.

There’s a sitting area and a barbecue area if you want to just relax.

Continue up the slope.

Take the path that says Quarry Bay – Tai Fung Au

Lovely green hills that resemble Broccoli look over the dam.

Again you will come to an intersection , take the Boa Vista Route.

This is a long walk but the Boa Vista path is rocky and rustic and very enjoyable.

Below are some pictures of Boa Vista on Sunny days

However yesterday was a dull day but still with grey skies too it is beautiful.

Keep climbing the steps and follow the beaten path.

You will come across benches to sit and take a breather.

My 5 month old mixed breed puppy enjoyed the hike like his mixed breed human mommy 😁

Finally you come to an opening which connects with Mount Parker.

your right there'll be toilets to relieve yourself.

u can take a rest or continue down Mount Parker Road.

is is a lovely hike. There are many ways to reach Mount Parker ….this is just one😁.

Enjoy the hike.

However do wear proper footwear as the Boa Vista path is very rocky and uneven and tends to be slippery too.

But a lovely mix of mud, concrete and rocks on this hike.

Happy Hiking people!

Tai Tam Bay

Tai Tam Bay

Today Saturday 27 January 2018 decided to explore some new trail on Hong Kong Island so we took the number 14 bus and alighted just before the Tai Tam Reservoir bridge opposite this bright pistachio green building and walked backwards on the road towards a path.

Duration: 3 hours approximately 8 km.

Difficulty: 4/10 ( family hike except for loads of steps from To Tei Wan beach to Dragon’s back Bus stop)

How to get there: Take the number 14 bus that goes to Stanley and alight at the Tai Tam Reservoir (N) bus stop just before the bridge starts. Walk backwards and you will see the sign of a trail.

Keep walking till you come to the trail sign and walk down the slope. You will pass the Tai Tam Catchment reserve. Just walk straight.


Whilst we walked on this trail we came across distance posts like on most trails. look out for these as then you know you are on the right path.


We came across a cave from the path and a very ‘foresty’ area. Just keep walking straight.

Distance post H070.

We continued walking and caught some lovely sights.

We also saw some orange fruits. We couldn’t understand if they were persimmons or some mandarins.


And we also sighted the Tai Tam reservoir bridge from the trail.

We saw boats and the lovely blue water from uphill which actually looks grey as it was not a very bright day. It was cloudy and there was a drizzle.

We walked against the railing and continued on the trail.

And walked…We spotted the a Temple from above and curiosity got the better of me and I pulled my two cronies with me and we took a detour, we turned right and walked down a slope.


We kept walking straight and finally came to dilapidated houses and a field alongside an expanse of water.

This was an eerie part, very dirty, loads of garbage strewn around but I wanted to visit that beautiful yellow temple.

However we came across two huge dogs that kind of scared us a bit but they just sniffed me… I guess they smelt dog on me too . I hurriedly visited the temple clicked a crooked picture asked the guy there how to carry on up the hill and went on my way.

We climbed up the steps and walked through a deserted village and finally came back onto the trail. ( My suggestion if you don’t want adventure stick to the trail, go straight.)

Keep walking…

Finally we came to the end of the Hong Kong trail board and took the left and walked down.

We reached the To Tei Wan beach. We sat on the rocks and had some lovely piping hot tea.

Finally we walked up the never ending steps near the board that stated Dragon’s back trail.

We climbed and climbed till we reached the number 9 bus stop back to Shaukeiwan.

And yes our lovely hike came to an end.

This is a lovely long walk…lovely sights, lovely sounds, the beautiful beach was the icing on top.

But stick to the trail, if frightened of village dogs….

Happy Hiking!!





Cape D’ Aguilar Easy Trail

Cape D’ Aguilar Easy Trail

The Cape D’Aguilar Trail is an easy walk but the sights are breath taking.

How to get there: Take the MTR to ShauKeiwan and exit at A3.  There’s the bus terminus, take no. 9 bus that goes to Shek O. However you need to alight at the Cape D’Aguilar bus stop. ( Please note on Sundays the number 9 bus doesn’t always stop at Cape D’ Aguilar so check for the sign on the bus).

You need to alight at the bus stop and start walking down the road to your right as you alight.

Duration : 2 hours

Difficulty: 3/10 mostly a straight walk and a very gradual slope

I did this hike with my husband and son in summer one Sunday Evening.

Enjoy the lovely sights as you walk down the road.

We came across huge spiders on the way too from a distance though 🙂

Continue walking straight, past postboxes on your right. Do not take any left turn, just walk straight, till you reach the below pic.


You cannot enter this part but near this wall there is an opening and you walk along side. Keep going straight and then turn right near the speed bumps and continue walking.

You will come to a junction where one slope will be leading to the Lighthouse and the other to the Marine Reserve.

You can go to the lighthouse first since there’s not much to see.


A bit of the view from there.

Then you walk down and go towards marine reserve.


Enjoy the lovely views.

Keep walking towards the Marine reserve and then take a left just before the Marine reserve.


You will enter a cave.


Enjoy the sound of the waves lashing at the rocks. It was a wondrous site.

Once you exit this sight, walk towards the Marine reserve, you will get to see the skeletal of a whale.


You walk back the same way up.

Some beautiful sights.


Keep walking back to the number 9 bus stop that will take you back to the bus depot in Shaukeiwan.

This is a very easy, enjoyable walk to the Cape D’Aguilar Marine reserve and light house. You can take your kids. It is stroller friendly too. ( Just a small patch where it is a bit rugged, but manageable).

Do try this. Happy hiking.

Lion’s Rock

Lion’s Rock

I always wanted to climb atop Lion’s Rock as I could view a mound of that rock from my residence on Hong Kong Island and finally on Tuesday 9 of us hiked up this trail.

Difficulty: many have rated it 7/10 but I would rate it 8/10 as it is steep but yes we saw tiny tots hiking up too so mostly it depends on stamina and fitness levels.

Duration: 3 hours

How do we get there: we took the train to Wong Tai Sin MTR and exited at exit B3 from there we took a cab to the lions rock country park since it is a 1 hour walk from station to the Shatin Pass Road from where the trail starts. You can also take the mini bus 18M and then walk up 15 minutes to the start of the hiking trail.

And climbing we did it’s steep …yes nothing compares to Lantau but this hike is not for the faint hearted. We hemmed and hawed as we climbed .

But what beautiful sights. It wasn’t the clearest of days being the middle of winter but still amidst the fog there was beauty.

We decided to go up Beacon Hill.

And then again we started climbing more steps 😅

We finally came to a part of the lion rock trail .

This connects to the Maclehose Trail which took us to an elevation of 495 mts.

And we climbed the first bit.

The views were awesome.

We climbed down to reach the peak on the other side.

This looked difficult but wasn’t but yes it is risky. But it gives you an adrenaline rush climbing up that peak.

And here we all are. We enjoyed some hot Indian masala tea atop this peak . What fun!

And then we had to go down the same way 🤪.

We all had to jump down like apes literally. Climbing was similar …not surprised after all we have evolved from them too. 😁.

We then took a turn around the peak instead of going back the same way we came. Adventure got the better of us.

Pretty rocky path downwards.

Lovely views from the top though.

That was the board we came across when we reached a part of the trail. However we walked past it and decided to carryon walking.

Found this shelter on our way and this man sweetly smiled for me.

We came across these remnants of the war on our way down too.

And again we climbed till we reached Beacon hill viewing point.

Finally we came to this part which stated that this was Maclehose stage 5 war relic part.

We continued down the concrete path after the beaten track down Lung Yan Road.

We came across some monkeys along the way .

And a little ahead we found a mobile toilet.

Fishtanks were seen while we walked down the road.

Came across this funny guy along the way.

We then took a bus to Wong Tai Sin MTR from the bus stop which was to the right of this sign board.

What a lovely , satisfying feeling it was!!

We covered Lions rock and Beacon hill and would have coveted over 10 kilometres on this trail.

Climbing Lions Rock is not easy . If you’ve not hiked before then please do not start with such a hike.

Carry loads of water and energy bars or fruit with you if you need that boost to climb up . To each his own.

Let’s just say this Lions Rock is for the Lion Hearted 😁.

Happy Hiking!!

Kornhill to Hing Tung Estate Shaukeiwan Hike ( Part of Wilson Trail)

Kornhill to Hing Tung Estate Shaukeiwan Hike ( Part of Wilson Trail)

This morning I decided to burn the weekend calories so went on a short hike from Kornhill near Taikoo and ended at Shaukeiwan Hing Tung estate.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo and exit at Exit B. Take a left and walk towards mount Parker. Keep walking till you come to Greigs Road and take left and walk up the sloped road.

Keep walking up the slope and cross the road and you will see white and green buildings on the opposite. Still continue and finally you will come to a sign stating Wilson Trail and quarry bay tree walk.

To your right the trail starts.

You will come across lovely plants, lovely flowers and I also came across a jackfruit tree.

The tai tam country park Quarry bay extension trails starts.

Some details about Quarry bay also given on a notice board.

Keep walking..

You will come to an intersection one board stating Tai Fung Au and one board stating Mount Parker. I took the left and went towards Mount parker. ( will cover tai Fung au later)

Keep walking, enjoy the trail.. the lovely fir trees along the way.

As I climbed I saw a small clearing and walked towards it. There I saw over 100 pine cones strewn on the ground. I picked up a few.  Do try that part… you will surely find pinecones.

Follow the sign. You will find a rest area ahead.


Keep following the Mount parker signboards

You will come across this lovely rock. Climb over it and enjoy the view. Don’t go too close cause it’s a deep drop into the valley of greens.

Keep walking. You will come across a sign stating Mount Parker…if you continue along that path, you will reach the Dinosaur Rock. I took the Hing Tung Estate path which is the start for the Dinosaur Rock trail too.

This is where the trail ends. You can go to Mount Parker via this path too. There are myriad paths that lead to Mount parker.

Walk downwards towards ShaukeiWan sit out area.

Came across this little opening and entered and saw some woodpeckers.

Continue walking down the slope. You will reach a bus stop and if you reach the IKEA pick up point and take the escalators, you will reach the street close to Sai Wan Ho MTR.

This is lovely short hike, quiet and peaceful where you will feel one with nature.

However stick to the signs and do not go off the beaten path which is risky.

Happy Hiking y’all!!

Stanley Plaza to Tai Tam Reservoir bus stop number 14

Stanley Plaza to Tai Tam Reservoir bus stop number 14

Today was a day of rest …Sunday, but restless me wanted to hike and explore new trails. So after having a humongous breakfast at Classifieds, Stanley I decided to walk up the escalators of Stanley Plaza and I crossed the road.

I kept walking and passed two parking lots till I came to a small slope. I was scared to venture into the unknown as I had passed signs of ‘Beware of Boars 🐗’ and ‘ Do not feed wild animals’ on the way. But I said my prayers and climbed up the slope.

I continued up the slope and came across lovely flowers , red leaves and lush greenery.

I came across some trees uprooted but that didn’t stop me, I continued to climb.

I came out on Stanley Gap road and spotted this old tree on a dilapidated structure to my right. I then turned left and walked to the sitting area just after Headland Road sign board.

I crossed the road to the bus stop on opposite side and found a set of steps. Curiosity got the better of me and I climbed up these not so steep steps.

At the end of these steps I reached the top which was the Stanley Catchment Water Reserve but instead of going right towards Wong Nai Chung I went left and continued walking.

I caught sight of these pretty trees with red leaves .
I continued walking ….I got a glimpse of Stanley from above.

Beautiful sights of the sea and some sailboats

Spotted some pine cones atop the fir tree.

If I was Tarzan I would swing on this.

I walked and walked till I finally reached a bridge.

There was an intersection-between the Twin peaks that’s Stanley peak and Violet Hill ( will cover in another blog). I saw a sign stating Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and decided to follow it.

It was a lovely rugged , rocky path just the way I love it.

Snake hole ??

I had to walk with my feet apart 😁

Rocky terrain

I continued walking

And I came to a small bridge

Spotted the lovely water body

And I caught sight of the tai tam reservoir

Spotted beautiful red berries

And finally I came to the end of this path

I continued walking and then I reached the normal Tai Tam Reservoir path near barbecue pit number 3.

Finally I reached the Tai Tam bus stop waited for my husband and son to pick me up and had a lovely taxi drive home by a sweet female taxi driver.

So more details about this hike:

Difficulty – 5/10 only because of the rocky surface

You can take your kids they’ll love it.

How to get there- from Stanley plaza just keep walking to your left up Cape road till you pass two parking lots and spot the tiny slope.

Duration- nearly 1 hour 35 minutes at a quick pace.

Do try it.

It’s a mix of straight, slope and rocky.

Happy hiking .

Dinosaur Rock

Dinosaur Rock

This blog is on one of my favourite hikes on Hong Kong Island. It’s a very picturesque hike with lush greenery and lovely rock structures and of course the beautiful rock formation of a Dinosaur head chewing grass.


Difficulty: 4/10 (this is a hike that you can do with kids too, they will enjoy it)

How to get there: From Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A turn to your left and cross the road. You will pass the Sai Wan Ho market where loads of vendors sell fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. Keep walking. Once you come to a Park and shop, cross the road and take the escalators that go upwards. You will reach the top and sight the IKEA Pick up point, exit there and turn right and keep walking up the slope.


Taking the escalator through that mini mall saves time and you can reach the trail faster.


Keep walking and you will come to the Shaukeiwan sit out area, walk past that and climb the steps. Keep climbing till just before you see the Shaukeiwan Reservoir, to your right you will see a little opening into the trail. Just keep walking and enjoy the lovely sights and sounds.


There are a few steps so it could be a bit tiring for newcomers or for those who don’t like climbing. But do try, you will enjoy as there’s a lovely sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of hot tea and some sandwiches whilst you take in the views.


You will be able to see Mount Parker and also lovely fir trees adorning those hills across.

For those who love flowers, you will come across beautiful ones along the way.

Keep walking and follow the rugged path ahead.

You will pass by many rock structures along the way.


Enjoy the blue skies, different shades of blue…

Was happy to spot this lil’ guy perched proudly atop a tree.


Squeeze through these boulders if you can 🙂

Such beauty amazes me….


Keep walking, it is a long walk but extremely enjoyable..

And here is the Dinosaur head….fantastic isn’t it.

You will come across few streams on the hike. But there are plenty during the rains.

It’s a rocky road ahead but you’ll love it…. the rugged path makes it more interesting.

Keep walking and at the end of the trail, you will join Mount Parker. Keep walking downwards till the exit.


And that’s the end of the hike.

Do try it, it is really lovely….bliss in the mountains amidst nature.

Happy hiking!