Tai Tam – Boa Vista Route to Mount Parker Trail

Tai Tam – Boa Vista Route to Mount Parker Trail

Just before the Tai Tam Reservoir bridge there is a trail which takes you to Tai Tam Reservoir near Tai Tam Road.

How to get there: Number 14 bus that goes to Stanley , alight just before bridge and walk backwards. You will the board above opposite the road and steps going to the trail.

Duration : 3 hours till Mount Parker ending at Kings Road, Quarry Bay

Difficultly: 5/10 lots of walking up slopes. It is family friendly as my 7.5 year old enjoyed the beaten track.

Follow the trail and keep walking. Look down though as there are lots of stones and leaves and roots of trees covering the path.

Lovely rustic path that takes you to a beautiful stream and waterfalls.

Continue up the steps and keep walking.

You will then come to the path that connects with the Tai Tam Country Park trail that goes to mount Parker.

You come to an intersection where there will two paths leading to mount Parker, we took the Wong Nai Chung gap one.

We visited this old structure too on our way at the end of the slope.

There’s a sitting area and a barbecue area if you want to just relax.

Continue up the slope.

Take the path that says Quarry Bay – Tai Fung Au

Lovely green hills that resemble Broccoli look over the dam.

Again you will come to an intersection , take the Boa Vista Route.

This is a long walk but the Boa Vista path is rocky and rustic and very enjoyable.

Below are some pictures of Boa Vista on Sunny days

However yesterday was a dull day but still with grey skies too it is beautiful.

Keep climbing the steps and follow the beaten path.

You will come across benches to sit and take a breather.

My 5 month old mixed breed puppy enjoyed the hike like his mixed breed human mommy 😁

Finally you come to an opening which connects with Mount Parker.

your right there'll be toilets to relieve yourself.

u can take a rest or continue down Mount Parker Road.

is is a lovely hike. There are many ways to reach Mount Parker ….this is just one😁.

Enjoy the hike.

However do wear proper footwear as the Boa Vista path is very rocky and uneven and tends to be slippery too.

But a lovely mix of mud, concrete and rocks on this hike.

Happy Hiking people!

Tai Tam Bay

Tai Tam Bay

Today Saturday 27 January 2018 decided to explore some new trail on Hong Kong Island so we took the number 14 bus and alighted just before the Tai Tam Reservoir bridge opposite this bright pistachio green building and walked backwards on the road towards a path.

Duration: 3 hours approximately 8 km.

Difficulty: 4/10 ( family hike except for loads of steps from To Tei Wan beach to Dragon’s back Bus stop)

How to get there: Take the number 14 bus that goes to Stanley and alight at the Tai Tam Reservoir (N) bus stop just before the bridge starts. Walk backwards and you will see the sign of a trail.

Keep walking till you come to the trail sign and walk down the slope. You will pass the Tai Tam Catchment reserve. Just walk straight.


Whilst we walked on this trail we came across distance posts like on most trails. look out for these as then you know you are on the right path.


We came across a cave from the path and a very ‘foresty’ area. Just keep walking straight.

Distance post H070.

We continued walking and caught some lovely sights.

We also saw some orange fruits. We couldn’t understand if they were persimmons or some mandarins.


And we also sighted the Tai Tam reservoir bridge from the trail.

We saw boats and the lovely blue water from uphill which actually looks grey as it was not a very bright day. It was cloudy and there was a drizzle.

We walked against the railing and continued on the trail.

And walked…We spotted the a Temple from above and curiosity got the better of me and I pulled my two cronies with me and we took a detour, we turned right and walked down a slope.


We kept walking straight and finally came to dilapidated houses and a field alongside an expanse of water.

This was an eerie part, very dirty, loads of garbage strewn around but I wanted to visit that beautiful yellow temple.

However we came across two huge dogs that kind of scared us a bit but they just sniffed me… I guess they smelt dog on me too . I hurriedly visited the temple clicked a crooked picture asked the guy there how to carry on up the hill and went on my way.

We climbed up the steps and walked through a deserted village and finally came back onto the trail. ( My suggestion if you don’t want adventure stick to the trail, go straight.)

Keep walking…

Finally we came to the end of the Hong Kong trail board and took the left and walked down.

We reached the To Tei Wan beach. We sat on the rocks and had some lovely piping hot tea.

Finally we walked up the never ending steps near the board that stated Dragon’s back trail.

We climbed and climbed till we reached the number 9 bus stop back to Shaukeiwan.

And yes our lovely hike came to an end.

This is a lovely long walk…lovely sights, lovely sounds, the beautiful beach was the icing on top.

But stick to the trail, if frightened of village dogs….

Happy Hiking!!