Little Hawai Trail hike – Easy

Tuesday is the day I conduct hikes and 11 ladies joined me as we travelled all the way to Po Lam to see the beautiful Little Hawai Waterfall. We couldn’t travel to Hawai so we made do with this sight. 😁

The trail

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

How to get there: I took the train from Central and changed over at North Point to the Purple line to Po Lam. I met the ladies at Exit C and from there we took a right and walked on Mau Yip Road.

We kept walking and when we can came to a tunnel but didn’t go under it. We took the right before and kept on the walking path near the Po Tsui Park till we reached another tunnel and walked on Po Lam road.

We saw the little Hawai trail banner and followed that route. There was a left where the banner was displayed and we walked up the slope.

We passed a makeshift garage and came to the Little Hawai trail sign post pointing to steps and started our climb.

We kept following the path, came to a sign post and took left. Very soon we were into the falls.

We continued over the bridge and walked towards Yau Yue Wan. We climbed quite a few steps but the path was shaded which was solace on a hot day.

Got to see a wondrous sight of a spider feasting on a bat caught in it’s web.

Finally, we came to a detour, we took the path on our right and reached civilisation which was very close to Po Lam Mtr.

And so this was the short and sweet Little Hawai trail hike. It was pretty and plush and perfect on a hot, summer’s day.

Do try it and let me know. You can follow me for more hikes and adventures on

Happy hiking, stay safe and don’t litter!

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