Hong Pak caves – Quarry Bay – Tai Tam Country Park

Lovely Sunday morning started with Hiking with the husband and my 9 month old Canine son.

Difficulty level: 7/10 this is tough and is tougher post the rains as it’s all climbing up a steep rugged slope with only trees as support.

Duration: 2 hours

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo and exit at B then go towards your left and go straight till Greg’s Road. Walk up the path and follow the sign stating Wilson Trail Stage 2.

Enter the path and soon you will see steps climb up a few steps and take the right.

Keep walking on this path . It was nice and cool and quite shaded.

We went down a step and crossed over to the other side.

We kept walking straight till we came to a set of steps on to our right.

We came across kilns used during the world war by the Hong Kongers.

We then took the left and started our climb. There were ribbons tied to some trees so we followed that.

We kept climbing and climbing.

It was lovely this rugged path with trees and flowers frowning wild.

Got lovely pictures of the hills and sky which was a beautiful blue.

My Dougie sweetly led the way and even stopped to check on me.

Finally the end was near just a bit more to see this hidden cave.

I ventured a bit inside but was not covered enough as I didn’t want to be covered with spiders.

We then climbed a bit more to reach a straight path.

Finally we reached the board that stayed Hong Pak Trail.

Instead of taking the path onto mount Parker we decided to walk down the slope towards Kornhill.

It was nice and shaded and it was a good respite after the sweaty climb.

We came across more kilns of the war.

Got some lovely views along the way.

We finally ended at where we started.

This was a fantastic hike.

But will next time try going through the cave to find out where it ends…. for that I need courage 😁.

But do try this one.

Happy hiking!


Aberdeen Reservoir to Lady Clementi ( Via Wan Chai Gap Road)

Friday the 11th we decided to hike up Wan Chai Gap Road to Aberdeen Reservoir as we hadn’t done it before. It was a beautiful hike I must say.

Difficulty level: 4/10 except for that steep Wan Chai Gap green trail

Duration: 3 hours

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Wan Chai and exit at A3. Cross the road and walk through the Wan Chai toy street.

The climb up Wan Chai Gap is steep but it’s not too long thankfully.

We then crossed over to the police Museum and entered Mount Cameron road and there was the start of the Aberdeen Country Park.

We walked to the upper reservoir first.

We continued towards the Upper reservoir. Got to see lovely turtles and fish and got some lovely views.

We stopped at a barbecue and had some nice hot ginger tea with lovely Egyptian sweets and some biscuits.

We decided then to go to the lower reservoir so we headed down.

Got some lovely views again.

We then reached a sign which said Aberdeen nature trail so we decided to follow that path.

We got to see some more turtles and fish and then continued on our way.

We decided to take the Lady Clementi route and got some lovely views.

We came to the sign board which said Nam Fung or Middle Gap Road so we took that and kept walking on that path.

We kept walking and took the Nam Fung route .

Came across some lovely flora and fauna along the way. Beautiful crab, butterflies, mushrooms and even a tree with spikes.

We finally reach the end.

We walked towards the bus stop and took 41 A to the North Point Ferry and then took a train from North Point home.

This was a lovely hike.

Good long walk with lovely company!

Do try it.

Happy hiking and please do not litter!!

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Peak Trail

When it’s a rainy morning, it’s best to hike up the Victoria peak. And so we did just that, my Hiking Chicks and me.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Central and exit at J2 and keep following the Peak Tram sign and then walk up the Tramway Path.

Duration: 1.5 hour up and down the same way

Difficulty: 5/10 cause it’s all slope but a good workout

We kept walking up the slope then crossed the street to continue on the tram path.

Luckily there’s a loo on the way up so if you need a quick relief there’s a stop 😁.

We kept walking up the slope with a bit of a pant as it was humid. Found a furry caterpillar, clicked some pics of the ladies and a tiny waterfall on the way.

We then continued up Barker Road.

And then we took Findlay Path to the peak.

Finally we were up there. Had some coffee at Pacific Coffee, shopped a bit at the Peak Tower mall and then headed down a very happy bunch.

I have hiked this trail before and the views you get on a sunny day are fantastic.

But yes the views are lovely on a cloudy day too.

This is not one of my favourite hikes since it’s concrete but yes you get lovely views of Hong Kong from the top.

It is stroller friendly ( need strength to push up that baby) and pet friendly. Do try this hike people for a good workout.

Happy Hiking!

#Peak #Victoriapeak #hongkonghiking

Lei Yun Ferry ride to Devil’s Peak

Lei Yun Ferry ride to Devil’s Peak

One sunny morning I decided to take the ferry across from the Sai Wan Ho Pier at the East of Hong Kong island as I wanted to climb the peak that I saw across the harbour.

How to get there: I took the Ferry to Sam Ka Tsuen from Sai Wan Ho ferry pier at Soho East. It’s a 15 minute ride across.

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: 5/10 as there are steps to climb from the Chinese Permanent Cemetery Road.

The views are lovely of the harbour and you can see Kowloon across.

After getting off the ferry I took a right and kept walking towards the Lei Yun Estate on Koi Chiu Road.

I crossed the Bus Terminus and walked through the estate till I came to a sign stating Chinese Permanent Cemetery. I saw steps decided to climb them.

Came across beautiful flowers along the way and a Temple whilst I climbed up these steps.

I kept on walking straight up.

Finally came to this point.

I spotted more steps and then decided to take the beaten path up to reach the top of Devils’ Peak.

Finally I reached the top and got to see the remnants of the battery site of World War II.

I even shot a small video of the site atop this peak.

I got lovely views and clicked a selfie with my hiking buddy too.

We then went to the battery portion at the lower level of Devil’s Peak. Curiosity as usual always gets the better of me and I decided to find out what was in those abandoned, run down rooms.

I shot a video of this site too.

We then decided to go back the same way we came.

On the way down came across ruins too.

It’s a bit eerie and it gives you a haunted feeling but it’s worth it.

Then at the end just followed the signs and we took the ferry back to Sai Wan Ho Pier.

I have done this hike before.

But that was through the streets of Yau Tong, this is more adventurous and fun way to visit the Devil’s Peak.

It’s very educational for children too if they are interested in history.

Enjoy this hike people.

Keep hiking!

Mount Davis Path – Historical Walk

Mount Davis Path – Historical Walk

Today I decided to just take an Uber and find the Mount Davis path. It is filled with ruins of wartime structures and gun armaments of the World War 2. It was used by the British till the Japanese bombed this site in 1941.

Difficulty: 5/10 lots of climbing through shrubbery and steps to climb.

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes approx as the curious me had to visit every structure.

How to get there: number 1 bus which starts at Happy Valley. Refer to the CitybusNWFB app for more details. Alight at the Mount Davis Path stop.

Easiest is take an uber or a taxi and specify Mount Davis Path.

So I started walking up the slope. Spotted this old iron ring.

I took the left and followed the sign. I spotted these steps and climbed and found this old dilapidated structure.

I went on my way and found more structures along the way.

I followed these old steps and went through the dirt path.

Found red arrows marked on a tree and followed that path.

Had to climb up using the ropes but I finally reached the first battery.

Ensconced in bushes I found another structure. I scratched my hands and legs but I had to get to it. It was hidden.

I followed the arrow and went on my way. I then came across another path and climbed up the steps. Found some more structures.

And as I climbed higher and higher I came across more ruins.

Felt I was in a maze.

I climbed up the steps and came towards the concrete slope.

I saw more and as usual curiosity got the better of me and I stumbled upon more structures.

I climbed up the the slope and followed the arrow and came across another battery.

Came across some Police training near the Youth Hostel.

Where ever I found a path I just took it and found a structure.

Pushes branches to see this one.

Found a sitting out area too.

Something hidden behind the bushes.

Got some lovely views of mount Davis when I climbed one structure.

After finishing with all these structures I walked down the path I came and took the Victoria road path down.

Got to see the toilet used by the soldiers in 1941 too. Besides the modern mobile toilet.

I continued down the Victoria Road path and came across trees fallen and I had to jump over them.

And on this path found some structures too.

Got some lovely views.

I walked down the steps till I reached Victoria road and then I took a right and kept walking down the road. There are buses. But if you keep walking straight down you’ll come to a sign stating MTR.

I passed by these lovely banyan trees embracing the walls with all their might. I kept walking and finally reached Kennedy Town MTR.

This was a fantastic hike for me. It was more a historical trail walk with a climb. It was eerie as I was alone on the path but I said my prayers and ended on a very happy note.

High Junk Peak

High Junk Peak

Fridays are Tough Hike days and we decided to do just that we decided to hike up a very crooked peak and also climb over the other two to get back to Tseung Kwan O.

Difficulty: 7/10 because of the steep climb with bare hands. It’s a bit risky but a great feeling.

Duration: 2.5 hours

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tseung Kwan O (purple line) and exit at Exit A1 which is very close to the bus terminus.

Take the 103M Mini bus to Ng Fai Tin stop. Let the driver know. It’ll stop opposite the start of the trail.

We climbed up the steps and we were into a beautiful country trail. We followed the sign Tai Miu.

We kept walking up stone steps and the rugged path.

Spotted beautiful flowers along the way. We kept walking straight.

There are two trails one for mountain biking and the other for walking, we took the country trail.

This is beautiful trail. Very much what we enjoy.

We kept following the Tai Miu Route.

Finally we came to a bench where we could click a picture of the group.

After that we spotted an arrow to the left and we decided to follow that trail. That route takes you to the second peak called the High Junk Peak.

And the climb isn’t easy , be ready to be a monkey and go backwards in time in evolution as you need to use your hands.

Once you reach the top you feel absolutely great. It gives you a sense of achievement.