Sharp Island and Hap Mun Bay

After nearly a year, Nigel and I explored a new trail. That’s a long time but I guess with COVID, health issues, travel, family visiting and work we couldn’t. But finally we got to explore the beautiful Sharp Island and hike from there to Hap Mun Bay.

Sharp Island or Kiu Tsui Chau(Chinese: 橋咀洲) is the largest islandin the Kiu Tsui Country Park located at Port Shelter of Sai Kung, Hong Kong. The area is most known for fishing, swimming as well as diving. Sharp Island is under the administration of Sai Kung District. – Wikipedia

Time : 2 hours with stopping for a few photographs

Distance: approximately 4 kilometres with the visit to the lighthouse at Sharp island.

Difficulty: 2/10. My age old enemy, steps graced this trail a lot.

How to get there: Take bus 92 or 96R from Diamond Hill MTR exit C2. 299X from Shatin Central bus terminus or minibus 12 from Po Lam. These buses stop at the terminus near the Sai Kung Pier.

We drove to Sai Kung and parked at the parking lot near WM hotel.

From there we walked to the Sai Kung pier and took the Blue Flag ferry managed by a very friendly and helpful lady. The cost of the ferry ride was HKD 30 per person to and fro from Sharp island. Since it was extremely windy, no ferries or speedboats were plying to Hap Mun bay.

It was a short 10 minute ride.

Once we reached Sharp island, we decided to start with the Sharp Island country trail from the pier to Hap Mun Bay ( Half Moon Bay.)

Very useful map

We started our climb. It wasn’t difficult and the views were breathtaking.

We continued our climb and finally came to the Kiu Tsui viewing point where we could see Mount Parker of Hong Kong island in the distance as well as High Junk peak and Buffalo hills.

Extremely windy day

We decided to click our default ‘couple’ selfie and then continued on the trail.

Just us 💕

We got to see the seasonal Chinese New Year flowers that are in bloom from mid January to end February and the humongous golf course in the distance.

We continued on the rugged path and spotted Hap Mun bay in the distance.

Finally we reached Hap Mun Bay where campers camped and barbecued whilst we decided to hit the beach and enjoy the pristine waters of the bay.

We spent quite some time there taking in the sounds of the waves lashing land and also got some clicks of us.

We decided to head onto the rocky portion near the camping spot where a group of guys played some old English music whilst a group of gals picnicked on the rocks.

We decided to head back the same way and hike back to Sharp island. An arduous climb again 😅.

We spotted the Sharp Island Geo trail and the tambola on our climb back.

We decided to hit the Sharp island geo trail which was packed with people. But it was a lovely walk on the tambola where we got to see the pineapple bun rocks. Thankfully the tide was low so we could walk across the tambola to Kiu Tau/ Sharp island.

We hit the trail which was not much of a climb and it was absolutely worth it. There was a pretty installation of the half moon with people clicking away.

We decided to head to the lighthouse in the distance and enjoy the crisp pure air.

The views were trés magnifique and amazing.

We decided to head back and wait for the blue flag ferry at the pier.

We saw our ferry leave the pier and we ran and waved and to our good fortune, the ferry captain spotted us and waited. What a sweet ole’ chap!! ( We did give him a laisee ti express our gratefulness.)

We were lucky to enjoy the ferry ride back to Sai Kung pier sitting on the deck outside, with water splashing on my face. It was fun!

This was a fantastic Tuesday well spent with the husband.

We enjoyed every bit of our exploration.

This is dog friendly hike but not stroller friendly hike as there are myriad steps. We were happy to see dogs in the ferry without muzzles and the passengers not fussed about it too.

Do try this and do follow me for more fun hikes on

Thank you, stay safe and happy hiking.

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