Tai Tam Family Walk – Tai Tam Reservoir to Hong Kong – Parkview – Easy

Sunday evening and my best half and I decided to burn the excess calories we gained after the lovely pies lunch at Globe with friends. So we decided to take our canine kids along and try the Tai Tam Family Walk from the Tai Tam Reservoir trail.

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 1 hour approximately

How to get there: Take the number 14 bus from Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A bus stop and alight at Tai Tam country park , Tai Tam Road. Do not forget to tap out as you get a rebate.

Cross the road and the trail starts. Toilets at the start and water and juice dispensers too.

We started our hike at about 5 PM and we got such beautiful views.

We kept walking straight and followed the concrete path.

My pups were the happiest running around along the path. We kept following the path and then took the path where the sign pointed Wong Nai Chung gap road.

We kept following the signs that stated Wong Nai Chung Gap Road.

We walked past the dam and continued up the concrete slopes.

We found a stairway on our right which was the Tai Tam family walk.

You could continue up the concrete path, but we wanted a bit of a workout so we took the stairs.

It was a beautiful path, we got to see the beautiful sky filled with a tinge of orange.

The path was rugged and reddish brown, a nice change from the grey concrete.

It was lovely at the top, the temperature had dropped as the sun was setting.

We continued on this path and finally came to the end of the Tai Tam Family Walk.

We came to a concrete path and kept walking down the slope and finally reached the Hong Kong Parkview complex.

We took a cab from there since we had our canine kids. However, you can walk down the slope and there are bus stops and you can take 41 A, 63, 6 etc.

This is a lovely trail which is dog friendly and child friendly. If you wish to use a stroller, stick to the concrete slope. It’s a bit arduous pushing up a stroller but if you’ve got the muscle; why not!

Happy Hiking!

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