Nei Lak Shan Country Trail ~ Circular trail~ Medium

It was a lovely, balmy Saturday morn and we i.e. Nigel, Lamiya and I decided to try the Nei Lak Shan country trail in Lantau. So Nigel and I zipped to Tung Chung on my yellow Vespa; parked it near Caribbean coast bike parking and headed to the Tung Chung Bus terminus opposite the main terminus near the mtr.

The route

Difficulty: 5/10 there’s an incline, steps and a rugged path

Duration: approximately 2 hours

How to get there: We took the bus number 23 to the Ngong Ping village and walked towards the Tian Tan Buddha and followed the signs pointing towards Nei Lak Shan country trail.

The weather was perfect and the sky was blue and absolutely clear. We continued up some steps as Buddha graced us from every part of the path. 😅

We passed beautiful foliage and the majestic peaks gazed at us as we trod on the uneven path.

We continued on our way through the woods which we came across on this trail too. It was serene and quiet… away from the maddening crowd below.

We reached the Nei Lak Shan viewing point.

We continued towards Nei Lak Shan and continued on the cobblestone path.

This path connected to the Ngong Ping 360 rescue trail but we followed the sign on the right pointing towards Nei Lak Shan.

Us 3
Me trying a pose
Us ❤️

We continued on our way downhill through the beaten track and finally came to the point where we started.

We decided to visit the Big Buddha and lunched at Matsuzaka express followed by gluttonous indulgence of two scoops of gelato by me at this gelato place at Ngong Ping.

If only they had it in yellow

What a lovely hike! It literally was a full circle. This is a dog friendly hike and can be done by kids too…. My kindergarten kids said they have done this… so yes quite kid friendly.

However, one must wear proper footwear and clothing on hikes.

Happy with the #Salomon hiking shoes.

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Till then stay safe, keep Hong Kong clean and green and don’t litter.

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