Devil’s Peak – Easy

Tuesdays are easy hike days and so I decided to take my group 'Hong Kong Hiking Chicks' to Devil's peak as it was a new hike for me too. Devil's Peak (Chinese: 魔鬼山) is the peak besides Lei Yue Mun on New Kowloon, Hong Kong. The area around the peak was garrisoned by the British … Continue reading Devil’s Peak – Easy

Quarry Bay Tree Walk – Easy

Decided to start the week with a short hike and so took my pup Dougie and we walked up Mount Parker at Quarry Bay to the Quarry Bay tree walk. How to get there: take the MTR to Quarry Bay exit at A. Go toward the Mount Parker Green Trail. Duration: 1.5 hours at a … Continue reading Quarry Bay Tree Walk – Easy