Bowen Road Fitness Trail

Monday mornings are sometimes a tad difficult for me to be gung Ho and climb up mountains so I decided to take a taxi up Bowen Drive to the start of this easy, short and sweet trail.

Difficulty: 1/10 it’s a straight, concrete walk

Duration: 1 hour at a glacial pace

How to get there: I took a cab to the start of the trail up Bowen drive on Kennedy Road as there are no buses that ply there.

The other option is take a number 15 bus from admiralty MTR exit C2 and alight at Hong Kong Adventist hospital on Stubbs road and cross over to the start Bowen road trail. Number 6 to Wong Nai Chung and then walk to the star of the trail on Stubbs road.

Also you can walk up the steep slope of Wan Chai Gap Road which connects to the Bowen road fitness trail.

There’s the green mini bus number 9 that goes from Magazine gap road that passes Bowen road.

The easiest would be to take the 15 number bus and alight at Hong Kong Adventist hospital on Stubbs road or cab it up to Bowen drive on Kennedy Road.

I started near the Bowen road gardens and a board also gave the trail.

Whilst I walked on this trail I got lovely views of the high rises of Hong Kong . There are many sitting areas too on route if one needs to rest.

I walked down this trail and passed by the Wan Chai Gap Road intersection following the sign that stated Lover’s rock and Bowen road.

There was a lovely park and toilet facilities available too.

I continued on the trail and came across statues and pictures along the way.

On the way I across a board that stated Lover’s rock and climbed up the stairs to the top. What lovely statues adorned this path.

I continued up another flight of steps and I was graced by a rock structure of the mighty thallus 😁.

I got some lovely views from that point and walked down to continue on the trail.

I came across another flight of steps and climbed them too.

I soon came to the end of the trail near Stubbs road and decided to walk back to where I started.

This is a very nice trail if you want to run as I passed by loads of runners along the way. Also it’s perfect for kids and babies in strollers ( if you take the cab to the start of the fitness trail or push up the stroller Bowen drive or alight at Stubbs road and start there)

This is a very short 3 kilometre trail so you can walk back to where you started or walk down wan Chai Gap Road and have a cup of coffee at Eric Kayser the boulangerie.

Do try this trail. Sometimes it’s nice to try something short and simple.

Happy hiking !


Stanley East Catchwater Walk ( via Tai Tam Reservoir)

I saw a hill in the distance and that beckoned to me to come climb it and so I did and found an interesting short walk along the Stanley catch water path.

Difficulty: 2/10

Duration: 1 hour

How to get there: Take the number 14 bus from Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A and alight at the Tai tam reservoir stop.

As soon as you enter to the left there’s a flight of steps, that’s the trail.

This is the only difficult part .., the steps. Post that it’s just a concrete straight walk.

There are beautiful views of Stanley whilst you walk along this path.

Got to see some beautiful flora and fauna.

Was able to spot the Pacific view complex and the Manhattan heights from the trail and the lovely expanse so blue.

Along the way there were some trees which blocked the path ( due to the super typhoon Mangkhut) so I treaded carefully as I didn’t want to end up in the water below.

I continued along the path.

Sadly came across a dead porcupine along the way.😥

I continued on my way and reached the end where I had to take the steps down to Stanley Gap Road.

I continued walking down the road to the number 14 bus stop. However there is a bus stop on Stanley Gap Road itself with loads of buses going to admiralty and central and also back to Stanley.

This is a short and sweet hike. Wouldn’t recommend taking a stroller. You can take kids but I’d suggest wait till the trees are cleared. This is a lovely trail if you want some solitude and time for yourself.

Happy hiking people!


Ngong Ping Rescue trail ( 15 km. Action Asia Event Lantau twin peak trail run)

So my husband and I are participating in the 15 km Ngong Ping AA trail run on 7th October 2018 so we decided to do a trial of the trail.

Phewwwww it is tough.

Difficulty: 9/10 never ending stairs

Duration : we did it in 3.5 hours ( race cut off is 5 hours)

The route:

854m elevation gain, 859m elevation loss – Max elev 588m)
A hill climb giving you a good workout thru Tung Chung and up the 360 rescue cement and wooden stair trail under the cable car towards Ngong Ping direction turning left on nice dirt single track trail around Nei Lek Shan (the highest elevation 588m) to the Ngong Ping water CP1 (447m), then down thru the Tei Tong Tsai monasteries thru Shek Mun Kap and following the walking track back to Citygate.

We followed the map giving on the Action Asia Events website.

We continued following the directions on the map.

And then the never ending climb began .

We could see the cable cars passing at a glacial pace above us whilst we trudged along the path, I waved ‘the queen wave’ to the passengers in the cabins above. 😁

And then there wooden steps to climb which felt like we were climbing up a ladder.

Finally we could see the calm gigantic Buddha statue in the distance. It felt great.

We continued on the beaten path back taking a left as per the map.

Got to see some lovely structures along the way.

And off we went till we reached Citygate outlet mall where he race ends on 7th October .

We did it well in time despite clumsy me twisting my ankle 90 degrees and fall flat, grazed knees , palms et al. But we continued.

Hopefully we can do it on the main day.

Do try this hike. It’s a super duper workout and real test of physical and mental strength.