Tung Chung Fort to Tai O Fishing village – Easy

My friend had taken a day off and wanted to hike so we decided to hike all the way from Tung Chung to Tai O fishing village.

Difficulty: 3/10 only very long

Duration: 4 hours over 15 kilometres

How to get there: From the Tung Chung Mtr exit B, we walked to the Tung Chung Bus Terminus and took 3M to Ha Ling Pei. You can take 11 and 11 A too from there.

We got off and decided to visit the Tung Chung fort which is really a small structure built in 1832.

After that we crossed over and walked towards the Tung O Ancient trail.

This sweet lady helped us find the trail . We stopped at the toilets and then walked towards the temple. From there we started the ancient trail.

The sights were beautiful along the way.

We passed by old abandoned structures.

Also we got to see quaint gardens and banana trees as we passed by.

We followed the path. It was more concrete so it was easy.

We posed and clicked some fun pictures 😁

We kept walking. We came across a lady selling refreshing guava juice which was sugar-free. She charged hkd 25 a bottle but it was really good and healthy. Got her to pose too.

We followed the signs and also asked residents along the way.

We came to another public toilet and met some hikers too. We found some eats sold along the way.

Finally we came to a set of toilets and walked down the slope.

What a fantastic sight!

We got back on the trail, passed some small eateries along the way and kept walking.

We got to see the Hong Kong Macau Zhuai bridge.


There was a sudden change from concrete to rugged terrain which made this trail interesting.

We got the prettiest sight of two butterflies mating. Invaded their privacy sadly by photographing it.

We got to walk along the coast which was nice.

Finally we reached Tai O. It was a lovely walk to the Tai O market where streets were filled with loads of restaurants and quaint shops selling their wares.

We walked towards the Tai O bus terminus to take the number 11 back to Tung Chung. There’s a ferry too, however we felt like taking the bus which was a 30 minute picturesque drive back.

This was a fantastic hike. We enjoyed every bit of it.

It is child friendly if your child can do a 15 + kilometre walk and dog friendly too.

The views are amazing and you can actually spend a day at Tai o. There’s the Tai o heritage hotel too.

Happy hiking!

6 thoughts on “Tung Chung Fort to Tai O Fishing village – Easy

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading about your hike.

    I’ve heard rumours that the Tung Chung to Tai O Route is closed at the moment as you are unable to get through one of the villages. Please can you confirm if this is correct ?

    1. Hi Matthew, I didn’t face any problem. We just kept walking and wore a mask wherever required or mentioned. I had heard about that too but thankfully didn’t face such issue. I had hiked on this trail in November 2020.

  2. Nice photos but why are there 10000 of them? Was the photo of the porta-potty really necessary? This could have been helpful, but we spent hours waiting for your photos to load.

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