Pottinger Peak to Big Wave Bay

Hong Kong had luckily recorded 0 local cases of covid-19 and so my best half and I decided to hike keeping in mind social distancing. So we decided to try a new peak – the Pottinger Peak which is approximately 312 meters high.

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes ( as we decided to go to Big Wave Bay beach)

Difficulty level: 4/10 ( as the way down involved bushwhacking and rope climbing)

How to get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Then take the number 9 bus to the Tai Tam Gap correctional institute stop and walk up the steps of the Shek O Country Park.

Keep walking up the stairs and then take the right and keep walking up the slope. You will pass toilets and then follow the sign that says Big Wave Bay.

Beautiful blue skies and greenery graced us on our walk.

We continued walking and then came to a sit out area. We continued on the narrow concrete path and didn’t turn at the first sign that stated Big Wave bay. We kept walking.

We kept following the Cape Collinson road path. We didn’t take the second right to Big Wave bay too.

When we came to the sign stating viewing compass we took the immediate left which led us to a nice rugged path. This is the way up to Pottinger Peak.

The views were absolutely scenic and stunning.

Finally we reached the top.

We decided to take the right of the radio station and went through a narrow, rugged path filled with bushes.

I realised I wore the wrong attire as I got scratched and grazed by the pointed shrubbery along the way down. So please don’t wear shorts! This path was very deserted and we were the only two walking along bravely.

We came across ropes which helped us climb down. This part was a bit tough.

We finally came to some steps which took us to the part where we started.

We again took the path and turned to the first right toward Big Wave Bay.

It was fantastic!! The beach was too crowded but we did get a coconut and sipped on some cool water, washed our hands and went to the bus stop, luckily we spotted a red mini bus that dropped us off at Shaukeiwan mtr ( he charged us 12 Hkd). There was the number 9 bus too that drops you off at Shaukeiwan.

This was a beautiful hike, something different, a nice mix of concrete, rugged terrain, bushwhacking and rope climbing.

However, please wear long trousers and long sleeved tees to protect your arms and legs.

This hike is not stroller friendly. It is canine friendly but you can’t take your canine to the beach, sadly.

But do try it!! It’s a great workout.

Happy hiking!! Stay safe! Don’t throw your mask and please don’t litter!

If you want to try an easier hike, without climbing up Pottinger peak try this:


Dutch lane (via Wan Chai Gap road)

On a hot sunny Saturday after having a scrumptious breakfast at Flying Pan, Wan Chai my best half and I decided that we better burn the gouda cheese and other excess calories we ate.

We decided to hike up Wan Chai Gap road and try Dutch lane.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10 ( only the steep climb up Wan Chai gap road)

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Wan Chai and exit at A3. Cross the road and walk through the Wan Chai Toy street opposite the road. Take a left and the Wan Chai Gap road is bang opposite the Eric Kayser Boulangerie.

We started our climb pheww.

We crossed over to the other side when we reached Bamboo Grove and continued up steps.

The path was concrete but filled with beautiful flora and fauna.

We came to a junction where you could walk the straightforward Bowen road path or continue up the Wan Chai green trail.

It was a beautiful clear day got lovely pictures of the skyscrapers on our climb up.

We kept climbing and climbing, we decided to reach the end of the trail and then do Dutch lane which is to the right on the way up the Wan Chai green trail.

Got to see this little fella perched on the board.

We continued back down and went towards Dutch lane.

This is an absolutely beautiful path,

It starts with concrete but then it turns into a rugged, ragged path.

We needed to pay attention whilst walking or we could have bumped our head or fallen off the path.

We felt we were walking in a jungle which reminded me of the song ‘ Walking in the Jungle’ that I sing to my kindergarten kids. 😅

We kept walking till we came to a sign that stated Bowen Road and Magazine Gap road. We decided to continue towards Magazine Gap road.

We came to the concrete part of this trail which mentioned Magazine Gap road. We continued straight.

We finally came to the end of the trail and onto the road.

Here, you can either take a cab or walk towards your left to a number 15 or 15B bus which will take you to Central or Causeway Bay.

We continued walking on the road which till we reached The Peak road and walked down till we reached the top of the Wan Chai Gap green trail.

Got lovely views on our walk back.

This was a fantastic hike which is an excellent workout for your backside. Also if you can bear the heat then it’s worth it.

This is not a stroller friendly hike, you can take your dogs but please avoid taking them on hikes during summer.

Also please carry a lot of water on hikes and do not dispose your masks or rubbish on trails.

Happy hiking!!