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Come Wednesday and it’s hiking day with my Hong Kong Hiking chicks. We planned to do Amah Rock and we enjoyed this beautiful rock formation of a mother and child, a faithful wife of a fisherman who climbed the hills every day, carrying her son, to watch for the return of her husband, not knowing he had been drowned at sea. In reward for her faithfulness she was turned into a rock by the Goddess of the Sea so that her spirit could unite with that of her husband.

The route to Amah Rock
From Amah Rock back to the start of the trail.

Difficulty: 4/10 ( lots of steps to climb but definitely doable) approximately 65 floors climbed

Duration: 2 hours with stops for photos and photoshoots 😁

How to get there: We all met at Tai Wai MTR exit F . We had to get on to Hung Mui Kok Road. The only way was to look at the Amah rock and walk towards it. So we climbed up the walkway and walked towards it.

And finally we reached the starting point of the trail, the Hung Mui Kuk Barbecue Area. There was a toilet at the start, so many ladies took a toilet break before we started our climb.

8 of us

And we started our climb.

The path was shaded and perfect for a humid, sunny day. Tall trees covered the path as we climbed tirelessly.

And uphill we climbed.

I clicked photos of these pretty ladies and of Cathy who knew I was joking when I told her that we were nearing the end. 😁

We were getting close to the great Amah Rock. But there were more steps to climb.

Finally we were at the top!!

Only the wife’s face from this angle

But the best views of this legendary rock was from a distance when we decided to get back to Tai Wai MTR. We got on to the beaten path.

The son and his mum

This was a lovely path, rugged and brown.

We came to a sign that pointed towards Lion Rock Tunnel road. We followed that sign. We didn’t want to go up to the Lion’s Rock as it was too hot 🥵.

We reached the point where we started and crossed over to the bus stop. I found a bus number 182 that took me directly back to Central. Cathy took number 170 and Nina and Shernaz took bus 80. Yogita, Femy, Vishakha and Shweta walked back to Tai Wai MTR.

Amah Rock ~ what can I say! A picturesque, pretty hike, shaded most of the way. It’s child friendly and dog friendly too. However, one must spray oneself with mosquito repellent and carry sufficient water during summer. You can also club Lion’s rock hike with this hike too. However, I prefer enjoying one attraction at a time.

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Stay safe, don’t litter and happy hiking.

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