Pokfulam Reservoir to the Peak via Lugard Road Hike ~ Easy

Good Friday was a holiday so the hubby and I decided to do an easy hike. We took a taxi to Pokfulam Reservoir road and decided to walk up to the Pokfulam country park. 

The route from Pokfulam Reservoir Road to the peak

From the peak to the Mid-Level escalators

Difficulty: 4/10 a bit of climbing. Approximately 60 floors climbed.

Duration: 2 hours

How to get there: We took a cab from Caine road. However, you can take NWFB Bus No. 4, 4X, 7, 30X, 37A, 40M, 90B, 91, 94 or green minibus Route No. 22 from Central MTR. We walked uphill, passed the horse riding school and the watchman’s cottage. It was an easy walk up on the concrete path.

We finally came to a sign board that stated Pokfulam Country Park. We continued and took the path that pointed to the Peak.

We got to see the reservoir as we climbed up the slope and passed a public toilet too. However, this path was too crowded due to the public holiday.

We passed some old structures that belonged to the World War II era and continued uphill.

We came to a sign that stated Peak Tram via Lugard road and decided to take that path. The concrete climb was a bit meh!

This was much better. Rugged, shaded, less crowded and pretty. We loved it.

There were flights of steps that we climbed along the trail… but this was a hike and a hike entails climbing 🧗‍♀️.

The views were fantastic as we climbed and the path felt rustic and foresty. Got to see this on the way. Very cute 🥰.

We could spot the reservoir below as we climbed. We continued towards the peak through the Lugard Road path.

We could Lamma in the distance with those gigantic chimneys overlooking Hong Kong island.

We followed the signs and kept climbing. And then there were steps…. flights and flights of them. But definitely doable at a glacial pace.

We came to a sit out and viewing area and also a sign that pointed towards Mount High West. You can hike up to mount High West via this rocky climb.

We got on to concrete path and walked towards the Peak Tram.

Beautiful blue skies with cotton clouds filled the path. We continued towards the Peak Tram station and came out at Harlech Road and passed a public toilet.

We walked towards Wildfire for a bite to eat but the waiting was too long. So we decided to walk down Findlay path.

We clicked selfies and walked downhill taking the old peak road way.

It was extremely steep but shaded and serene.

There were benches along the way and I caught a cute couple whispering sweet somethings to each other 😁.

You can take this minibus to Central

We continued walking downhill and finally reached the escalators. We were close to home. However, you can continue down the mid levels escalators and walk to D2 exit of Central MTR.

All in all a nice hike, a great workout and a good Friday indeed.

This is a very dog friendly hike … however do not take your canine kids on escalators. Children can hike up this path too as I did come across quite a few. It’s not stroller friendly if you take the Peak Tram via Lugard road path. But if you continue uphill on the concrete path, it’s possible.

There are loads of restaurants once you reach the Peak; Rajasthan Rifles, Fiamma, Wildfire, etc. So one can enjoy a hearty meal after a healthy hike 😁.

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Happy Hiking! Stay dehydrated and stay safe!

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