Tai Tau Chau ( Urn Island)

18th January, 2022, Nigel and I completed 13 years of marital togetherness and as a custom we always try a new hike or a new trail. This year we decided to explore this tiny island near Shek O beach named Tai Tau Chau ( Urn island).

The route

Tai Tau Chau is an island in the Southern District, Hong Kong. Geographically, it is located in the southern Hong Kong Island. It connected to the Shek O Headland by a footbridge and a gravelbar(tombolo) under it. The island itself is uninhabited. On the sides of Tai Tau Chau and Shek O Headland were Island Bay and Shek O Wan (Rocky Bay) respectively. On the south of Tai Tau Chau, is another island Ng Fan Chau. Shek O Headland and Tai Tau Chau are evidently as one rock formation, but was separated due to erosion, forming the tombolobetween the headland and the island.[1]Wikipedia

Duration: 1 hour on the island

Difficulty: 2/10 only some steps to reach the pavilion.

How to get there: We rode on our Vespa to Shek O beach, parked at the bike parking, enjoyed a lovely breakfast at one of the local restaurants and headed towards Shek O village. You can take bus number 9 from Shaukeiwan MTR exit A3. It takes you to the Shek O bus terminus and from there you can walk towards the village.

We came across this tiny temple along the way, stopped there for some divine intervention and carried on.

We reached the Shek O Headland road and kept on it. Beautiful villas graced this road. Finally we reached the end of the road.

We continued on the blue bridge and stepped on to the island.

We continued up to the pavilion and enjoyed the views of High Junk peak in the distance .

We did a bit of coasteering and enjoyed the sound of the waves lash the rocks. A pretty sight indeed.

We decided to head back. On our way we got to see seaweed, water-snails or shellfish which was an interesting sight.

We stopped at Shek O beach and then headed off to Big Wave bay for a bite before we headed back home.

Hiking on a bike #girlonayellowvespa

This was a lovely walk more than a hike on our anniversary and a morning well spent.

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Please keep the island clean when you visit and do not litter.

Happy hiking 🥾

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