Pok To Yan – Difficult

Saturday breakfast was at Oolaa, Tung Chung with Urvi and post a scrumptious one, we three ( Nigel, Urvi and I) decided to hike up the undulating peaks of Pok To Yan.

The route

Difficulty: 9/10 . This hike involves a lot of clambering uphill near the edge, bushwhacking and a steep incline.

Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes with photographs

How to get there: From Tung Chung MTR exit A we got on to Tat Tung Road.

We then headed to the junction of Shun Tung road, walked to the left , took the subway and got off at the Tung Chung Police station.

We walked along the police station, straight and then took the walk way and turned left.

We got on to Tung Chung road , walked towards our left and voilà there was the start. A concrete path of the catchment.

We saw some ribbons and followed that route. It was a deep, dense forest that we entered.

And then we started to climb…

The views got better as we climbed, the majestic Sunset peak staring down at us as we clambered on this rocky, rugged path.

We clambered up and it got dangerous as we were at the edge.

We continued up till we reached a straight path which was temporary. But again the views were magnificent even though we were just 500 meters high.

We continued up the on our way trodding along happily on the very beaten path that we enjoyed and renamed it the ‘ Churni’ trail after Charmaine, Urvi and Nigel.

Finally, we reached the trigonometric station at the top of Pok To yan. It was fantastic!

We continued on our way and decided to get back to civilisation as we were hungry and thirsty.

Finally, we reached the end and decided to head off to A Tavola for some delicious supper as restaurants shut at 6 PM.

So this was a super duper hike filled with adventurous clambering, bushwhacking, rope climbing …. We enjoyed every bit of it.This is not a hike for beginners and definitely not for the faint hearted. Please do not try this on your own if you are new to hiking.

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Till then, stay safe, don’t litter and take care of yourselves.

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