Brick Hill ( Nam Long Shan) – Easy

The better half was on leave and so we decided to try a new hike on the southern side of the island.

Nam Long Shan (Chinese: 南朗山) or Brick Hill[1] is a hill on the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong, near Wong Chuk Hang and Aberdeen. At an elevation of 282 metres,[2] it overlooks the South China Sea in the south, Sham Wan and Aberdeen Channel in the west, and Deep Water Bay in the east. ( source : Wikipedia)

Duration: just about an hour

Difficulty: 3/10 as it’s all steps and a rugged path

How to get there: We took the train to Wong Chuk Hung MTR and took the exit B and walked towards the Nam Long Shan food market.

We kept walking towards Nam Long Shan road passed the Singapore International School and kept walking up that road.

We came across the Canadian International School on our right and kept on walking up the road till we reached a flight of steps on the opposite side.

We climbed up those steps, reached a rest area but continued climbing up another flight of steps.

We came across these lovely statues and well maintained plants as we climbed up.

The views were fantastic. We could spot ocean park and hear the ooohs and aaahs of people on rollercoasters.

We kept climbing till we reached a pavilion at the top.

We followed the rugged, rocky path and kept walking.

We came to a helipad and got to see Deep water bay and the South China sea from there.

We saw a stairway to heaven or hell rather which seemed to be a never ending climb. We finally reached the top.

We got down the same way. Along the way, spotted some unusual rocky structures and pretty flowers.

We walked back to Nam Long Shan Road and took a bus; number 75 to Wan Chai.

You could walk back to the MTR too.

All in all a good hike, short and sweet. The sky wasn’t blue but Hong Kong looked pretty dressed in greys too.

This isn’t a stroller friendly hike but you can take your dogs or kids ( if they don’t mind countless steps).

Do try it! Especially during winter since it’s getting nice and cool and perfect for hiking.

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