Pik Shan Path ( Waterfalls) to The Peak/ Morning Trail – Easy

Sunday evenings have become our usual hiking time and so the husband took an Uber to Kotewall road and found a new hike near University drive.

Duration: over an hour

Difficulty: 2/10 only steps at the end

How to get there: Take the MTR to Central, exit at D2 and walk up the escalator to Conduit road and take a right and keep walking straight till you reach Kotewall road and on the right near the Kotewall road public toilets is an opening with a sign stating Pik Shan Path.

Another option; From HKU MTR exit A1 we took the elevator to FB A2 The university of Hong Kong and kept walking through the university till we came to Kotewall Road and got to the start of the trail on the right near the Kotewall road public toilets.

We kept walking down the steps. It was a very easy walk.

Spotted some boars hidden in the shrubbery on the path.

We kept walking ….

We didn’t climb up to the peak. We continued on the straight path till we reached the end.

Then we came back the same way as we found it too easy and on our right we found waterfalls. We decided to walk up that rugged path.

This was lovely. We climbed up as curiosity got the better of me.

We climbed till we reach the top but decided to climb down as it was getting dark.

There was a sign marked on the rock which directed towards the Peak.

We followed that sign and climbed up the steps.

Caught a glimpse of the sun set in the distance.

We kept climbing till we reached a concrete path.

There was a sign that stated Hatton Road.

We kept walking up that path.

Here we stopped and caught the beautiful sight of the setting sun.

We kept walking up the path.

We reached a sign post that stated directions to the Peak but we decided to follow the sign to Kotewall road.

If you followed the peak sign. You can refer to this blog:


We walked down till we reached Kotewall road.

There’s bus number 13 which takes you to Central.

However, we walked down to Elgin street, picked up some goodies from M & S food and took a cab home.

This is a very picturesque hike, dog friendly and child friendly, not stroller friendly though. However, kids will really enjoy the waterfalls and you can even have a little picnic. Do not forget to take your litter home and keep distance during this pandemic.

Happy hiking!

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