Mui Wo to Pui O hike ~ Easy

The best half was on holiday as we were still in celebration mode of me turning 42, so we decided to do a hike from Mui Wo to Pui Wo beach located in South Lantau.

Approximately 9 kilometres

Difficulty: 4/10 due to steep incline and steps and rocky terrain at some parts of the trail.

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes with stopping for photos.

Approximately 9 kilometres from Mui Wo ferry to Treasure Island Pui o beach.

Floors climbed as per Apple watch – 99.

How to get there: We took a cab to Central ferry pier number 6. However, you can take the MTR to Central and walk to Exit A towards the ferry pier. Walk to ferry pier number 6. Fast ferry fare is hkd 28.80 on weekdays and ordinary ferry fare is Hkd 24.1.

Here is the ferry schedule for Mui Wo.

The ferry schedule and fares

Once we reached Mui Wo, we took a left and walked towards the China Bear restaurant behind Mc Donald’s.

We walked through the parking lot ( or you can walk on the road), we turned right from the Ashwille International kindergarten nursery school and walked towards the stack of kayaks where we also came across a signpost pointing towards Pui o. We followed that sign and turned left.

Follow the sign

We got onto a street and turned right. That’s where the trail starts to Pui O.

The trail starts here

It started with steps and onto a concrete path. It was pretty straightforward in the beginning. There was a mountain bike track which was pretty cool and we saw two bikers whizz past us.

Here there were signs pointing towards the mountain bike path. We followed the distance posts and continued on the path for hikers.

The path got rugged and we needed to pay attention as there were rocks and uneven steps.

We continued on the path. It was a gradual climb. But it was a beautiful path.

We got to see the ICC in the distance as well as Hong Kong island. The skies and the water was blue and beautiful.

Icc standing tall

We came to a sign pointing towards Pui O and walked towards that path.

We followed the the sign stating Pui O.

We stopped at the pavilion or sit out area and enjoyed the views.

View from the pavilion

We walked faster as we knew there was a peak to climb, the Tai Ngau Wu peak which is formed by granitic rocks.

We again came to a concrete path and a small quarter area with first aid and a make shift toilet. Probably it was for the staff.

We continued on the concrete path till we came to an intersection where we took a left at distance post L133.

This was a shaded path and huge signs pointing to Pui O. I think I would be able to see it without my contact lenses.

We came to the Pak Fu Tin barbecue site and also came to a campsite. Nigel walked towards it as there was a toilet sign. However his exact words ‘ the toilet was like a hole in the ground.’

We continued back on the Pui O trail, the beaten path till we came face to face with our old enemy ~ steps 😡.

Luckily, the steps were followed by flat terrain and again steps. So it wasn’t that arduous and the climb wasn’t that tough.

Here the climb was steep as you can see in the photos, the long line of steps.

We came to a radio tower and a helipad. The trigonometric station was visible too. This was the top of Tai Ngau Wu Teng peak which is 275 meters high.

We walked towards it and clicked some lovely pictures.

Views of Peng Chau and sunset peak
‘ Hiking is the answer. Who cares what the question is!’
My friend Nidhi got this tee made for me for my birthday

A little bit after the helipad we completed 5 kilometres. Post this part, it was only downhill though we had to take care as the rocky steps were uneven and it was a little steep.

We could see Pui o beach and Shap Long village in the distance.

We continued walking on this beaten path till we reached a road/ a concrete path which was Chi Ma Wan road and the Chi Ma wan country trail to the left.

Chi Ma Wan country trail

We continued down the slope to our right. It was quite a long walk.

Finally we could see the beach. We didn’t walk across the water to cut short as we weren’t equipped with towels etc to clean our feet. So we walked approximately 15 minutes to reach the beach. We passed the Tin Hau temple.

We came across pretty houses along the way whilst we continued our walk to the beach.

We finally reached a sign pointing towards the beach and a campsite. We came across water buffaloes grazing in the fields ( that’s why there was sooo much poop along the trail) .

We could see this lovely restaurant Treasure Island and the beach in front. Nigel and I decided to have lunch there.

We chilled over a beer, fresh lime soda, gunners, paninis and a bowl of healthy salad, enjoying the sea breeze and watching kids and dogs play in the sand. It was lovely.

The food menu. Loads of drink options available too.

We relaxed; made ourselves comfortable for a bit. Enjoyed a game of scrabble and left.

We decided to head back and hit the road. we walked to South Lantau road.

We turned right and there was a bus stop. Here the buses were going towards Mui Wo. A little further, diagonally opposite was a bus stop with buses going towards Tung Chung.

However, we took a taxi to Mui Wo ferry pier. The fare was HKD 37 and we reached in 10 minutes. We were very much in time for the 4:10 PM ferry.

Back to the island

I really enjoyed my day out with Nigel hiking from Mui Wo to Pui O. It was very relaxed at the end at the beach. This hike would be perfect to do in summer where one could end at the beach and cool off in the water, sip on some beers or cool drinks.

This hike you could do with children and dogs too. Dogs are allowed in ferries; however big dogs need to have a muzzle on.

This is a family hike which both young and old can enjoy. Though easy, one needs to exercise caution whilst walking downhill due to rocky, uneven terrain. ( I nearly twisted my foot 😅.)

Do try this hike and let me know how you enjoyed it. For more of my adventures follow me on :

Happy Hiking and stay safe!

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  1. Wow ! Thank you for such detailed explanation of the path with beautiful pictures. I have been dreaming of going for proper hike as I go for long walks. But the thought of steps and steep uphill or down scares me.
    Enjoy hiking as HK is scenic and gorgeous place. Thank you again.

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