Sir Cecil’s Ride to Braemar Hill Road ( via Sir Cecil’s ride viewing point) – Easy

The hubby and I decided to take our canine kids for a hike on a Monday morning and so we decided to hike from Sir Cecil’s ride to Braemar hill.

Duration: 2:20 minutes over 8.5 kilometres of hiking

Difficulty: 3/10

How to get there: From Taikoo Mtr exit B walk to Greig’s road up the slope and take the right in to the Wilson trail hike.

We kept climbing up the steps and got on to the steep slope which took us close to the Hong Pak trail. We turned right, walked downwards and took the left; the Sir Cecil’s ride route.

It was 8:30 am so we got fantastic blue skies and lovely views from this trail. We kept on the Sir Cecil’s ride trail.

We came to a sign post and followed the Braemar Hill sign.

We came to a detour where we took the left and not the steps down as that would take us back to Mount Parker.

We saw the ‘View Compass’ sign and climbed up those steps, walked straight along the path and got to see a fantastic view of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

We walked down the steps of the Jogging trail and stuck to the muddy path.

We followed the Braemar Hill road sign and kept walking.

Again we followed the Sir Cecil’s ride sign post and didn’t follow the Po Luen Path.

We kept walking towards the Braemar Hill Road. Passed the waterfalls which you can view from the bridge.

We came to the sign which mentioned Jardine’s lookout and we continued a bit on that path as we were curious about a set of steps when we had hiked on that trail earlier.

We climbed up those steps and then it was all bushwhacking, bending and crawling through the shrubbery.

It was extremely dense and I took the lead as my pups were too short for the tall grass on either side.

We had to crawl under that fallen tree.

We crossed over the bridge as a little further upwards was a gate and a sign that stated private property, beware of dogs.

Here I realised that I had worn wrong footwear, I should’ve worn my hiking shoes as the rocks were a bit slippery. We walked across the stream.

Finally, we reached flat ground and walked towards Braemar hill. We were a bit tired and worried about our canine kids too.

We walked towards Braemar Hill road. We came to a bus depot where there were many mini buses and big buses too. However, we took a taxi back home as we had our cuties with us who enjoy a taxi ride.

This was a lovely hike, a great workout and a fantastic start to the week. It is dog friendly and child friendly ( skip the bushwhacking part).

You can also refer to this blog for more details on Jardine’s lookout.

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