Ngong Ping Rescue trail ( 15 km. Action Asia Event Lantau twin peak trail run) – Difficult

So my husband and I are participating in the 15 km Ngong Ping AA trail run on 7th October 2018 so we decided to do a trial of the trail.

Phewwwww it is tough.

Difficulty: 9/10 never ending stairs

Duration : we did it in 3.5 hours ( race cut off is 5 hours)

The route:

854m elevation gain, 859m elevation loss – Max elev 588m)
A hill climb giving you a good workout thru Tung Chung and up the 360 rescue cement and wooden stair trail under the cable car towards Ngong Ping direction turning left on nice dirt single track trail around Nei Lek Shan (the highest elevation 588m) to the Ngong Ping water CP1 (447m), then down thru the Tei Tong Tsai monasteries thru Shek Mun Kap and following the walking track back to Citygate.

We followed the map giving on the Action Asia Events website.

We continued following the directions on the map.

And then the never ending climb began .

We could see the cable cars passing at a glacial pace above us whilst we trudged along the path, I waved ‘the queen wave’ to the passengers in the cabins above. 😁

And then there wooden steps to climb which felt like we were climbing up a ladder.

Finally we could see the calm gigantic Buddha statue in the distance. It felt great.

We continued on the beaten path back taking a left as per the map.

Got to see some lovely structures along the way.

And off we went till we reached Citygate outlet mall where he race ends on 7th October .

We did it well in time despite clumsy me twisting my ankle 90 degrees and fall flat, grazed knees , palms et al. But we continued.

Hopefully we can do it on the main day.

Do try this hike. It’s a super duper workout and real test of physical and mental strength.

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  1. Good luck on the 7th. I would visit Hong Kong again in a heartbeat 😀. We didnt do any hiking but we did go in the cable cars & I was so excited when the Big Buddha came into view. So beautiful there.

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