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Siu Ma Stream ~ Braemar hill to Quarry Bay


Saturday evening the husband and I decided to do a short hike. So we decided to explore the Sui Ma stream trail through Sir Cecil’s ride to Quarry bay via Mount Parker.

The route

Difficulty: 5/10 as the path is a bit slippery through the stream. One must exercise caution whilst climbing up or hopping over moss covered or wet rocks

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes ; 4.70 kilometres and 137 meters elevation gain

How to get there: We took the MTR to North Point and exited at B3 on King’s road. We walked towards the bus stop on our right and took the number 85 to Braemar hill. Other option is to walk from Fortress hill up to Braemar hill but since it was uphill and concrete and extremely hot; we decided to take the easy way out.

We started our hike from the little path along the steps near the Joan of Arc secondary school

We came to a sign post pointing towards Braemar Hill and Jardine’s lookout and decided to go towards Braemar hill.

We came to the Braemar hill road sign passed the bridge and climbed up the stairs on our right.

We continued on the rugged path. On our right we came to an open clearing , we walked through it and came to a sit out area/ shelter.

We took the right path near the sit out area and continued through the stream path.

And up we climbed through the streams. It was an extremely pretty path.

We came to a waterfall and a rock pool where a couple was swimming but I wouldn’t recommend it.

This lovely couple with their dogs led us through the path

We got to see the Tortoise rock. 🧐

We continued uphill. It was a slippery path but we trod carefully as we climbed.

We continued hopping over rocks and walked on this pretty, rugged path. It was serene and peaceful. Not a soul in sight.

We tried to find the path to Siu Ma Shan bridge. We walked through the path where we reached electrical masts but we didn’t want to go too deep so we walked towards the steps we could see in the distance.

We continued till we reached the bridge and came across the Wilson trail distance post.

The views of the east island were beautiful.

Grand promenade standing tall
One island east

We came to a sign post and followed the Tai Fung au sign which led us to Sir Cecil’s ride and then to Mount Parker.

Got to see flowers that resembled the Corona virus and a gigantic spider.

Beautiful shrine at the beginning of the Mount Parker trail

We walked down the steep slope of Mount Parker and took a cab home. However, the bus stop is on the right with loads of buses and the Quarry Bay to your left.

Nigel and I really enjoyed this hike. In fact he was grateful that I got him to explore something new with me. Since we are unable to travel, we are blessed to be in a city like Hong Kong filled with myriad trails which we can explore.

This is a dog friendly hike and canine kids as well as human kids would surely enjoy.

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Happy hiking , stay safe and don’t litter,

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