Tsing Yi Nature Trail ~ Easy

Hiking in the sweltering heat is tough and so I decided to take my hiking chicks to the Tsing Yi nature trail. A short and sweet trail of less than two hours along a somewhat shaded path made it an interesting hike.

The route we took

Difficulty: 3/10 sloped and steps to climb. Approximately 30 floors.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes ; 3.75 kilometres

How to get there: I took the MTR from Central to the Tung Chung ( orange) line and got off at Tsing Yi exit A1. We crossed over the bridge and took 248 M. There are mini buses such as 409, 409k and 409S that you can take from the mini bus terminus near the minibus 88 stop.

We alighted at the last stop Cheung Wang Bus Terminal and continued for approximately 5 minutes up Liu To road. On our right was the Tsing Yi nature trail.

We walked up the steps and continued straight on the trail.

We got some lovely views at the start of our hike itself.

Tsing yi bridge
Beautiful blue skies

We continued straight and we did not take the Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Education Trail route as we’d reach the entrance where we started.

Follow the Tsing yi road sign
The gang

We continued towards Pavilion 3.

Patricia leading the way

We got to see beautiful mushrooms along the way.

We continued up the path till we reached pavilion 3.

We turned left and continued after referring to the map towards the south entrance following the Ching Hom path.

It was starting to get cloudy but we reached one trigonometric station.

We got fantastic views from the top.

We got a group picture and then continued on our way.

We followed the signs and continued towards the southern entrance and followed the route towards the picnic site.

Everywhere we walked or climbed the views were mesmerising. The change in colours of the sky from blues to greys were fantastic.

We continued walking on the well made paved path . However, it was a bit slippery due to the rain and most of us were drenched. But we enjoyed ourselves.

Finally we reached the end of the trail and took a left to the bus stop which was 5 minutes away.

We took the E21 to Mongkok however there were other buses too.

We all enjoyed this hike which was perfect for summer. Quite shaded and not too strenuous. The weather was in our favour too. The rain was solace during these hot summer days.

A child friendly, dog friendly picnic hike which the entire family can do together. Don’t forget to enjoy a nice swing high up in the air on the swing along the way too. It’s a lot of fun.

Do try this hike and follow me for more adventures on;


Happy hiking, stay safe and do not litter.

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