Waterfall bay park -Cyberport ~ Easy

Nigel and I had a relaxed Sunday so we decided to do an easy walk in the evening. We wanted to explore cyberport as Nigel hadn’t been there before. And exploring we did where we found this pretty waterfall.

Waterfall Bay is a bay in Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Located on the East Lamma Channel off the coast of Wah Fu Estate and Cyberport at Telegraph Bay, it is named after the waterfall that flows into it.

The route

Difficulty: 2/10 ~ climbing over fences and a bit of coasteering if you wish to get off the beaten path.

Duration : 1 hour approximately 2.78 kilometres

How to get there: You can take green minibus 58 or 58 M ( 58 M is not available on weekends and public holidays) from Kennedy Town Station MTR exit A.



There’s bus 40 M you can take from Admiralty which you can to Wah Fu road and then cab it or walk towards Cyberport.

However, the green mini bus 58 would be most convenient as you can alight just outside the Cyberort Waterfront Park.

Nigel and I took a cab from Caine Road; taxi fare being 75 hkd as we had to get back home by 7 PM to walk our canine kids.

The entrance to Cyberport Waterfront Park

We walked through the park and enjoyed the sights of children playing and dogs rolling on the grass. This park was packed with people and pooches enjoying a hot sunny Sunday afternoon.

We kept walking till the path took a turn towards the left which was an exit on to Cyberport Road.

We got the scorching 🥵 sun at 5 PM but it was gorgeous with clear blue skies and soft fluffy pillow like clouds.

We kept walking on the path till we saw a green and white building and just after the iron fencing was a sign and a wall. We climbed over that.

We came to a rugged path and walked downhill.

We got to see a stream which was a part of the waterfall. It was pretty.

Nigel above the falls

We continued on the path that led us to a barbecue area.

We kept following the blue fencing till we were met by a gate with a lock on it; so we climbed over the blue iron fence.

We walked down the path and voilá we were greeted by this beautiful waterfall flowing down. Whoever thought there’d be a waterfall so close to the hustle and bustle of city life!

The waterfall

Post the waterfall, we walked towards the bay area and saw an old war relic.

Due to the bay’s strategic location overlooking the Lamma Channel, it was utilized by the British during the Second World War to defend the colony from the Japanese. A pillbox and searchlight—known as a Lyon Light—was constructed;[the former served as a bunker for Allied soldiers during the Battle of Hong Kong. Now in ruins, they can still be accessed at low tide. ~ Wikipedia
Nigel inside the pillbox
The pillbox
A senior gentleman enjoying the sea breeze
Inside the pillbox

We continued down and decided to retrace our steps so we got back on the concrete path; jumped over the fence and continued straight on the path.

We jumped over this wall where the lady is bending over and scrambled over the rocks to take in the views of Lamma in the distance. ( you can avoid it; if you’ve got a child with you. The views are fantastic everywhere.)

We got back up and continued on the path towards Aberdeen.

And we came to a clearing with over a thousand statues in all sizes, shapes, of different gods and goddesses!

A lighthouse in the distance

We continued past the tennis court and towards Tin Wan Praya road via the promenade.

We ended at a bus depot and took number 72 to Causeway Bay from Tin Wan Praya road.

There are quite a few buses that will take you to your respective destination or one can also take a taxi.

This walk or hike was absolutely brilliant with azure blue skies and sea and a waterfall which was plush unlike the dried one at Bride’s pool. This was a beautiful, hidden gem in the city.

The cyberport park is dog friendly but I am not sure if you could take a medium or big dog to the waterfall as you’d have to carry her/him. This is a child friendly, family-friendly hike too where you could take a picnic and chill; though it’s extremely hot , one must exercise caution and carry loads of water and wear sunscreen and insect repellent.

All in all a lovely find and a great end to our Sunday 16th May, 2021.

For more adventures with my husband and me and sometimes our three little kids; follow me on


Thank you 😊. Take care of yourselves; do get vaccinated if you feel like and stay hydrated and safe.

We are indeed blessed to be in Hong Kong 🇭🇰.


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