Bride’s Pool Nature trail – Easy

It was a hot day in summer. But Wednesday is our hiking day and so 14 of us decided to hike to Bride’s pool at Tai Po. It wasn’t much of a hike, it was more like a picnic at the waterfalls.

Legend has it that a bride was being carried in a palanquin by four porters on her way to meet her groom in stormy weather. As they passed the pool, one of the porters slipped and the bride fell into the pool and drowned. Therefore, the pool was named Bride’s Pool in memory of the bride.

Bride’s pool in May 2019

Difficulty: 2/10 as there is a bit of climbing up rocks to the waterfall

Duration: 1 hour to get to the falls. The travelling time to the trail is longer 😅

How to get there: I took the train from Central , the Tsuen Wan ( red line) to Mong Kok and changed over to the Tiu Keng Line ( green line), alighted at Kowloon Tong to take the train to Tai Po Market Mtr via the Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau line ( light blue). We all met at exit A3 at Tai Po Market mtr.

– One can take 20 C on weekdays to Tai Mei Tuk bus terminus and then take a cab to the Bride’s pool barbecue site.

One can also take 75 K from Tai Po Market bus terminus and get off at Tai Mei Tuk bus terminus. From there you will have to take a taxi.

– On weekends one can take 275 R which drops you to Bride’s pool bus terminus close to the trail.

We were 14 so we took three cabs to Bride’s pool barbecue site, since we wanted to save time. Taxi fare was approximately 100 hkd from Tai Po Market mtr to the barbecue site.

From the barbecue site we climbed up the steps and continued to our left.

The hiking chicks

We continued to our left till we came to a sign pointing straight. Now this board is extremely confusing; do not continue straight but take the detour going downwards to your left.

We continued on that path till we could see some rocks to our left and decided to take that path.

We started to climb over these rocks

We had to cross over or climb over to get to Bride’s pool but it was fun.

Bride’s pool or what’s left of it 😅

We clicked photos and chilled for a bit.

I got clicked too 😁

And finally we got group pictures.

Since it was nearly 35 degrees and we were burning 🥵 , we decided to head back the same way.

Downside here ~ no semblance of any transportation to go back to the MTR so we walked downhill Bride’s pool road till we got taxis. Some of us booked cabs from Uber. The 20 C green mini bus was no where in sight too. When we checked the Citymapper app, it showed us a 50 minute waiting time for the bus.

Also the Bride’s pool is quite dry and it would be best to visit the pool after the rains where the water would flow abundantly.

May 2019

Sadly, it’s not the same but it’s still pretty and I am sure I would like to visit it again post monsoon.

However, if you do visit it during summer, please slather yourself with sunscreen, carry loads of water and a snack and also mosquito repellent.

All in all a fun waterfall hike. Child friendly and dog friendly too.

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Happy hiking! Stay hydrated and do not litter.

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