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A rainy Wednesday called for a not so tedious hike. So we decided to hike up Temple Hill or Tsz Wan Shan. Temple Hill, also known as Tsz Wan Shan, is a hill between New Kowloon and the New Territories, Hong Kong. It peaks at 488 m. Beneath its south side is the residential area of Tsz Wan Shan and Buddhist temples. Sha Tin Pass runs between the hill and Unicorn Ridge.

The Route

Difficulty: 6/10 …. never ending flights of steps. Over 105 flights of steps climbed.

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

How to get there: I took the train from Central to Mong Kok ( Tsuen Wan Red Line) and changed to the Tiu Keng Ling Green line to Wong Tai Sin. I met the other 5 ladies, Meena, Patricia, Sarika, Meeta and Femy at exit B3. We walked to the green mini bus stop and took the 18M to Shatin Pass road and alighted near the Fat Jong temple.

And then we walked uphill the steep Shatin Pass road. Luckily it was cloudy and quite cool so it wasn’t an arduous climb. We continued till we reached a sit out area and near that a set of steps that took us directly to the Lion’s rock pavilion.

We got to the Lion’s rock pavilion and diagonally opposite that were steps near the village signs leading up to Temple hill.

And climb we did. It seemed like a never ending flight of steps.

The climbers

We came to a cool, shaded resting place where we took a break before we started our climb again.

The always smiling Meena 😃 *touchwood*

The views were fantastic as we climbed and we also met a fit senior gentleman who climbed faster than us.

Sarika chilling
Meena looking down at the world

We went to another sit out area before we walked towards the path leading to Temple hill.

We walked down the concrete path passed the gate and got on to rugged terrain that we had to climb.

We continued uphill till we reached the top and felt we were amongst the clouds. It was amazing!

We were at the top. It was lovely.

After fun banter and laughter we decided to walk downhill on the concrete path to the right.

We got on to Kwun Ping road and passed the village too with its quaint houses and papaya trees and banana trees growing in abundance.

We kept on to the road till we came to a path on our left that took us to Tate’s Cairn tunnel.

This was a steep slope downhill. We came across beautiful houses with lovely gardens and decided to click some photos.

Here we came to a steep slope downhill.

We saw these four cute dogs following their owner happily down the slope.

We came to an area where there was a water body and a little stream which was quite pretty.

The lovely Meena and effervescent Femy

We continued walking towards the tunnel and over the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel bridge , passed HSUHK Jockey Residential college.

We continued towards the Bus stop near the tunnel. However, if we continued straight we would reach Shek Mun MTR.

There were loads of buses for different destinations in Hong Kong. However, I took the 681 to Central. My compadres took buses to their respective destinations.

Bus routes

About the hike ~ it’s a steep climb but the views justify the climb. This hike is perfect just after the rains; however some parts are rugged so it could be slippery. All in all a fantastic workout, not too tiresome but definitely a hike!

Do try this hidden gem and follow me for more hikes on https://www.facebook.com/honkiehiker.

Happy hiking, stay safe and don’t litter 🚯.

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