Shui Hau via Lo Kei Wan Hike – Easy

After nearly a month that involved moving house and participating in the Discovery Bay Sunday market, I finally got time to explore a new trail in Lantau. Lantau section 9 from Shek Pik reservoir to Shui Hau village via Lo Kei Wan.

The trail

Difficulty: 4/10 as there are steps to climb along the trail. Approximately 50 floors climbed on this hike.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes. 8.5 kilometres.

How to get there: From Central MTR, take the Tung Chung line and exit at B at Tung Chung. I took the bus number 11 from the bus terminus opposite the Mtr and alighted at the Shek Pik reservoir, Police stand stop.

Alight at this stop

On my right I saw a sign pointing towards Shui Hau via Lo Kei Wan and I decided to follow this route. I turned right and walked down the road.

I came across a board which mentioned some rock carving so I decided to check that out first. I followed the sign and continued down the concrete path.

I came to the ancient rock carving. It was carved 3000 years ago by the early inhabitants.

The ancient rock carving

I also decided to walk up to the Hong Kong Vipasana Meditation Center to check it out. I met a volunteer who said that they had a 10 day course and that the meditative course was a wonderful experience.

Post that, I got back on the trail towards Shui Hau. I reached Tung Wan and relaxed there for a bit where I enjoyed the British pickled onion cheddar cheese sandwich from Pret whilst I enjoyed the calmness of the sea.

After chilling for a bit , I continued on the path towards Lo Kei Wan.

An unusual tree stub

The path was rugged and there were steps along the way. However, it was not a difficult climb.

I continued till I reached the Shek Lam Chau Camp Site. I explored a bit of the campsite.

I took the steps downhill to the campsite. There were loads of barbecue pits and a toilet. But there was no way to the beach from there.

I got back to the campsite sign and continued straight on the path. The fun or maybe scary part was that there was not a soul or a sole on this trail.

Whilst walking on the trail, I got to see this be-speckled worm doing a spider-man as it gently lowered itself to the ground and crawled on to a leaf. It was a pretty sight. ( Though many may call me crazy. 😁).

What a beauty.

The path was uneven and rocky so I needed to be alert as tripping and falling is a part of hiking for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

And again I came face to face with an oriental garden lizard lazying around on a rock. Luckily, it just batted its eyelid and continued chilling.

Lazy Lizzie

I continued on my way bidding farewell to lizzie.

The path was uneven but beautiful. Branches of trees formed avenues along the way. It was a pretty sight.

Suddenly, I heard buzzing and a lot of it. There were bees. I quickly ran as I didn’t want to be chased and beautified by their sting. A bit further I came across a beehive hidden between branches.

I was amazed at the change in mud colour. It was reddish brown.

I could see Lo Kei Wan in the distance. I trudged along in the heat. It was hot and humid. Summer was nigh.

Beauty taking refuge from the heat

I walked till I came to a sign pointing towards toilets. I decided to go under the barricade and voila there was the beach.

I relaxed for a bit under the welcome shade of a tree before I hit the trail. There were steps again and a slight incline till I reached a concrete path and a sign that stated ‘ Lo Kei Wan Campsite’.

A pretty pinecone

I kept walking on this path till I reached a road.

I crossed the Tung Chung road and walked to the bus stop. I took number 23 that took me back to Tung Chung city center bus terminus.

I sat in the bus and enjoyed the ride back. This was a lovely hike, not too strenuous but it was hot.

One must not forget to carry ample supply of water, wear sunscreen, mosquito repellent, carry a hat or cap, something to munch on as no restaurants on the way, proper hiking footwear and loose clothing.

All in all a great start to new hike in March for me after moving from the east of Hong Kong island to the west and also after a busy week baking brownies galore for the Discovery Bay Sunday fare. Happy to be back hiking and exploring again.

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Thank you! Stay safe! Don’t litter!

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