Dragon’s Back Walk ( Shek O Country Park to To Tei wan Village stop) – Easy

Sometimes you don’t want to hike up peaks or hills; but you want to be amongst the greens and blues of nature or you just want to stroll and enjoy the fresh cool breeze; then this is the perfect walk which I chanced upon this morning. A nice walk around Dragon’s back or more his/her feet. 😁

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes. Approximately 5 kilometres

Difficulty: 2/10

How to get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Take the number 9 bus to Cape Collinson stop, Shek O road.

I climbed up the steps near the board Shek O Country Park and turned right.

Instead of turning left I climbed up the slope ( normally the end of the Dragon’s back trail)

I kept walking on this path, rugged with roots covering quite a bit of the path. I got a glimpse of Stanley in the distance.

I came to a sign post. One pointed towards Dragon’s back which I didn’t want to climb and one sign towards To Tei Wan and Shek O Road. I took that path.

The path was lovely opening to stunning views of the sea and the sky.

I came to a path which was extremely muddy, sandy and uneven. I carried on slowly and continued my walk.

On the other-side there was a board that stated ‘ Diversion’. That was for the path that was sloped upwards.

I enjoyed the solitude and the cool breeze that caressed my face. The weather was perfect.

I reached a board and a set of steps that pointed and led to the Dragon’s back but I kept on the straight path towards Shek O Road.

I kept on the path and then walked down myriads of steps to the start of the Dragon’s back trail.

There were toilets near by too. I crossed the road and took the number 9 bus back to Shaukeiwan. (There is a red mini bus that also makes a stop and ends at Shaukeiwan.)

This was a good walk, no rope climbing or rock climbing. Just a peaceful walk in nature.

Sometimes it’s good to do something easy and give the knees a break.

This is a dog friendly hike, chil friendly hike too but not stroller friendly. Perfect for an absolute beginner.

Do try this walk and follow me for fun adventures on


Thank you! Stay safe, keep distance and have fun.

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