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A little bit about the Cape Collinson Lighthouse: This lighthouse was established in 1876 a year after Cape D’Aguilar and Green Island lighthouses.

This lighthouse was extensively renovated in 1966 and the old structure was integrated into the new structure and an upper floor was added to the original building. This lighthouse differs from the ‘tower-type lighthouses’ in that it is a two-storey building with the light apparatus on the roof. The bottom storey was built on the original granite plinth on a slightly sloping site. 

The ground floor of Cape Collinson Lighthouse was originally used for accommodating the lighthouse keeper and his family and the late James Deacon, Superintendent of Lights, once told Dr Waters that a baby was born to a keeper’s wife at Cape Collinson and, when he grew up, he too became a lighthouse keeper. ( source:

From The lighthouse is fenced so one cannot visit it.

Difficulty: 6/10 as I followed the Leaping Dragon rugged path which involved rope climbing and holding on to branches and rocks.

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes

How to get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Take the number 9 bus to Cape Collinson stop, Shek O road.
I climbed up the steps near the board Shek O Country Park and turned right.

Keep walking on this concrete path
Take left and get on to the concrete path again and keep walking straight
Follow the Cape Collinson road sign

I came to the end of the steps and to a little sit out area. I crossed that path and walked a bit towards the right. I followed the blue railing and down the steps to the Leaping Dragon concrete path.

After a few steps there was a lamp post and a bit further there was a muddy path to my right. I decided to follow that path.

Unfortunately, I wore the wrong shoes so I walked down a bit slowly. However, there were ropes at some places for support besides branches of trees that gave additional support along the way.

I finally reached the top of one hill ( sadly can’t find any name ; so I’ll name it leaping dragon back 1 😁)

I found a path that led to another muddy part of the trail and continued downhill.

I could see the Cape Collinson lighthouse in the distance. The views were lovely and the sky and sea were a crisp blue.

The path was muddy and slippery and there were ropes for support.

I came to a ladder, not the strongest but that was the only way down. It led me down and to my right was an opening which was a drop down but got lovely views of the sea.

I saw an opening to my left too that connected to the Leaping Dragon walk concrete path.

The path to Leaping Dragon Walk

I continued forward and climbed the second ladder that led me to the second hill.

I kept walking till I reached a concrete path of the slope and it connected to a muddy path that led me downhill.

I realised that I reached the Cape Collinson lighthouse. However, it was fenced so I could not enter.

I got down to a part of the Siu Sai Wan promenade. Suddenly, I noticed an opening to my right.

The path downhill wasn’t easy. It was risky and a bit treacherous but curiosity as always gets the better of me and I kept climbing down, holding on to rocks, ropes or branches; whatever I could lay my hands on.

It was absolutely worth it.


I realised that I had to retrace my steps back up that same crazy path that I took down.

I got on to the concrete part of the promenade and kept walking down the slope till I reached the Siu Sai wan sit out area.

I walked towards the bus depot just below the Island Resort complex and took the number 85. There were loads of buses that one could take to reach their destination.

This was a super find; the Cape Collinson lighthouse trail. I didn’t get to see the lighthouse which was fine but I got to enjoy beauty at its best. The sea, the sky, the hills and the rocks.

It seems there is an ancient rock carving but it isn’t close. I may go again in search of that beautiful rock. But till then do try this hike.

This is not an easy hike. You need proper footwear or you could slip and hurt yourself.

Alternatively you could do this hike from the Siu Sai Wan sit out area to the Cape Collinson lighthouse too. You could take the MTR to Chai Wan Exit C and take minibus 47 M to the Island Resort bus depot. From there you could walk up to the Siu Sai Wan promende and start your hike there.

Do try this and follow me for more hikes on

Happy hiking and stay safe!! Take your litter home 🙏🏻

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