Cape Collinson Battery hike via Pottinger Peak Country trail – Shek O Country Park – Easy

The Cape Collinson Battery was constructed in 1938 by the British; the 36th Coast Battery and the 8th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery to defend Hong Kong island’s eastern coast. It held 2 x 6″ Breech Loading guns. However, on 19th December, 1941 the battery was destroyed by the army crew and the regiment was moved to Stanley. No guns remained and the buildings in time were demolished.

What you see now are the remnants and rubble which I presume are left after the Super Typhoon Mangkhut of September 2018.

Difficulty: 3/10 only the steps up from the battery and the slopes. Most of it was an easy walk.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes with clicking photos and taking in the wondrous sights.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Take the number 9 bus to Cape Collinson stop, Shek O road.

I climbed up the steps near the board Shek O Country Park and turned right.

I walked towards the Big wave bay route and kept walking straight.

I took the path which was the Pottinger Peak country trail and continued on the concrete path. DO NOT TURN RIGHT TOWARDS BIG WAVE BAY.

I followed the signs pointing towards Cape Collinson Road.

I continued on the same path and again passed a sign that directed me towards Cape Collinson road.

Finally, I came to a long flight of steps which led me all the way down to Cape Collinson road.

I took a right and walked down the slope.

I came to this parking area above and continued straight on the road.

I saw quite a few people jump over a metal fence.

The fence was a bit high but I used the lamp post as support and pulled myself up.

The path at the beginning was a bit slippery. I crossed over the red rope and continued down towards a concrete path.

This went all the way till I was welcomed by steps that led me down to the Cape Collinson battery.

There was a photo shoot going on so I decided to admire nature that surrounded this battery and oh boy was I amazed!

I got to see a brave rock climber climbing up the gigantic gorge. I spotted another gentleman below too buckled up for the climb. Absolutely fantastic! 👏🏻👏🏻

I went in to the battery that was in ruins. It was totally destroyed. However I clicked a few pics and posed.

I decided to go back and realised oh no!!! I had to climb all those steps back up. 😅

I got back on to the concrete path and turned towards the Leaping Dragon section of the trail that led me to Siu Sai Wan.

I ended up near the Island Resort and took an Uber home.

Please note, there is a bus depot underneath the Island resort and loads of buses that can take you to your respective destination or close to it.

This is an extremely easy hike. I followed a different route unlike mentioned in most hiking blogs. This is child friendly and dog friendly but you must exercise caution and at the battery preferably keep your dog on the leash as in some rocky, craggy parts, it’s a drop down.

Personally, I wouldn’t take Dougie and Bella as they are both extremely curious canines.

This hike is absolutely worth it for the views and vast expanse of blue that lies ahead of you and the Tathong channel.

If you enjoy a bit of history then do try this hike.

Follow me on for loads of hikes.

Stay safe! Don’t litter and take care of the environment.

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