General Rock and Warlord Rock Hike – Difficult

4th day in to the new year and hiking continues. Today a few friends and I decided to explore the General Rock and Warlord rock ensconced somewhere between Shaukeiwan and Mount Parker. Thanks to Max and Rhythma who led the way.

Difficulty: 7/10 not for beginners. This hike entails getting on all fours at times, branch holding, rock climbing and rope climbing too and the way up the rugged path is steep.

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes approximately

How to get there: From Sai Wan Ho Mtr exit B cross King’s road and walk through the street filled with loads of vegetable , meat and fish vendors.

We walked straight and then turned right and took the escalator up to the shopping center. We exited at the Ikea merchandise pick up point and took the right.

We continued up and turned right towards the concrete part of the trail.

We continued up the steps ( here you could go straight up and turn right or turn right at the opening where you’re greeted by a huge tree.)

We kept walking up the steps on the rugged terrain.

We came to a rock with a big red stain and kept walking till we reached sign boards and turned left.

We kept walking straight on that path.

We came to another humongous rock with a blue stain on it. Just after that rock we took a right up the path leading to Warlord rock and General rock.

It was a climb but not that arduous till Warlord rock.

We could see General rock staring at us. And we decided to continue towards the towering General.

Till General rock the climb wasn’t that tough. But post that the climb was tough. We held on to branches, ropes and rocks to pull ourselves up.

We continued on the path.

Finally we reached the top which was concrete and was the path close to the Hong Kong observatory.

However, unlike the earlier hike that I did with the hubby where we continued to the top; here we walked down the slope towards Mount Parker and went to our respective homes. We were tired and famished.

This was the third strenuous hike for me in a row, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was tough but achievable.

However, this hike is for advanced and intermediate hikers.

Dog friendly – yes

child friendly – no ( depends on your child and his/her capability)

Stroller friendly – no.

Hiking shoes would be preferable for such terrain but normal sport shoes would suffice too. Gloves would help too.

Do try this crazy hike!

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Happy hiking 🥾.

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