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The husband was on holiday and so we decided to take our 10 year old to Peng Chau for a nice family day out. Peng Chau (Chinese: 坪洲) is a quaint little island located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau island. The highest elevation point on this island is only 95 meters ( 312 feet) high.

You can cover the entire island in a day, in fact we covered it in 5 hours with breaking for lunch and a cup of tea.

Duration: depends on how much time you want to spend there. We spent 5 hours on this lovely island.

Difficulty: 1/10

How to get there: We took the mtr to Central and exited at A. We walked to the ferry pier and took the hkff ferry from Central, pier number 6. Ferry schedule link here:

It was just 14 hkd to Peng Chau.

The ferry ride was not the smoothest but luckily we reached Peng Chau in approximately 30 minutes.

First we visited the Tin Hau temple which was built in 1798 and is a must see.

After Tin Hau temple we decided to walk to Finger hill which is a 95 meter elevation hill on the island.

We walked through the streets and Mikhail was hungry so we picked up lovely coconut tarts and sausage rolls from Today Bakery.

We continued on our way and followed the signs pointing towards Finger hill.

This was a concrete path and extremely easy with just a few steps to climb. We got lovely views at the top.

We clicked some pictures and walked down the steps on the other side towards the Family Trail- service reservoir.

We then took a left and walked towards a viewing point, the Ngan Chau Tsai Pavilion.

Just before the pavilion there was a hidden path on the left that led us to a part of the coast of Ngan Chau. We had to do a bit of bushwhacking and held branches whilst we walked down the muddy, rugged path but it was worth it.

We were greeted by the beautiful sea and pristine sand. It was amazing. Sadly, some clutter left behind by earlier visitors 😞.

We enjoyed the fresh air and the sound of the waves lashing against the rocks.

We could see Hong Kong Island, Kowloon in the distance and the tiny island of Ngan Chau.

We retraced our steps back to the concrete path and followed the signs that pointed to the ferry pier.

We got to a tiny pier and took in the sights of the sea there too before we continued towards the ferry pier.

We continued walking through the Nam Wan San Tsuen village.

We were hungry and it was nearly 2 PM, so we decided to have lunch.

We found this restaurant called Paris Restaurant. There’s the Hoi King Seafood restaurant and Kee Sum cafe however since I have turned vegetarian this restaurant was perfect.

Nigel had the steak, Mikhail had a chicken curry rice and I had the vegetable curry rice. It was delicious.

Post lunch we decided to digest our heavy meal and walked towards the Peng Yu path, the second hiking trail in Peng Chau.

Passed by pretty villas on our way to the trail.

We stopped at the toilets near the sit out area before we started our hike up the Peng Yu path.

This was an easy trail too. It was a concrete path all the way filled with fantastic views.

We could see Disneyland in the distance and also spotted a helipad.

We took a break on the coast of Tung Wan whilst Mikhail walked around enjoying the fresh breeze on a cool afternoon.

We got back on to the path and after a while came to a flight of steps. We walked down those steps and came to a part of the coast which had a structure covered in plastic and tied with a rope. It looked scary but interesting.

We kept walking towards the Fisherman’s rock and enjoyed monkeying around there. The concrete path to the rock had fallen off but Mikhail and I climbed over the remnants and rocks and enjoyed the blue expanse.

We climbed back up and walked on the path towards Tung Wan Beach.

We had got back to Wing Tung street and visited the Lung Mo temple. It was a pretty temple with myriads of tiny statues with the chronological year mentioned below each of them. Trying to figure out what that meant.

From the temple, we walked back towards the pier and came across a craft shop where this lady was busy painting shells whilst her dog Whisky played with us.

We passed by another porcelain shop along the way where the owner was busy painting on her wares.

Here 👆 you could rent a bicycle.

We visited another temple ensconced in the by-lanes of Peng Chau. This was the golden shrine temple which had a well near it too.

We walked through the streets as we had time to kill till we took the 4:55 PM ferry. We visited the leather factory and the junkyard and got to see some pretty interesting stuff.

There was a cute cafe too but we didn’t have much time.

We decided to have some tea at Hoho kitchen which was also famous for it’s pineapple buns with ice cream but we were too satiated after the Paris restaurant lunch to indulge.

Finally, we got to the pier and took our ferry back to Central.

It was a day well spent with family though I missed my dogs.

Peng Chau is a dog friendly place and you could take your dog in the ferry too. However, you need to muzzle up your medium to large sized dogs.

This little island is a perfect place to spend time with family especially on a weekend. We happened to visit it on a Monday so it wasn’t crowded but it was extremely enjoyable and my son ( who isn’t fond of hiking) enjoyed his day out with his hiking crazy parents. That was the best part!

Do try visiting this island and follow me for more fun and more hikes on

Happy Hiking!

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  1. Totally love your posts. Your detailed information and photos are perfect- we will be following your route this week! Thanks so much

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