Lantau Peak to Ngong Ping – Difficult

The husband hadn’t hiked up Lantau and Mr. Rangel was anxious to do so during his Christmas leave.

So we took the train all the way to Tung Chung on a gloomy Thursday.

Difficulty: 6/10 steep as it’s 934 meters high however you aren’t hiking up all 934 meters, just 630 meters.

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with stops for photos and to soak in the views

How to get there: Take the train to Tung Chung. Exit at B at the MTR and take either 3M or 11 to Pak Kung Au.

We crossed the road for the Lantau peak trail.

The hike started with steps and the steps were of different shapes and heights 😅.

We kept climbing. There’s no rocket science here. The trail was all upwards. We could see the Sunset Peak on the other side.

The views were mind blowing but it was extremely cold. It was 11 degrees but extremely windy whilst we climbed this beauty of a trail.

We looked back and were amazed at how much we had climbed. Our legs and tummies were getting a good workout whilst we climbed those high, uneven rocky steps.

A little climb more and we finally reached the top. Our hands were freezing. But were elated. It felt nice.

We didn’t stay up much longer and decided to walk down towards the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping.

We could see the gigantic statue of Buddha from the Lantau peak. It looked small in the distance.

The way down was a bit boring and a wee bit steep but the Big Buddha and the path of wisdom were in sight.

Finally, we reached the concrete and walked hurriedly to Ngong Ping as we were famished.

We passed by old abandoned houses and a scary doll peeking from one of them besides happy cows grazing on the path.

We finally reached Ngong Ping village filled with restaurants and decided to dine at Matsuzaka Express restaurant that served Japanese cuisine. The food was heavenly and welcomed after this hike.

This hike was not bad at all, the trail is steep obviously as Lantau peak is the second highest peak after Tai Mo Shan Hike. But this is doable.

I didn’t see any dogs but I am sure fit canines would enjoy this trail. Sadly, dogs not allowed in the Ngong Ping cable car but taxis are available at Ngong Ping.

I wouldn’t call this hike child friendly, though I’ve seen kids hike up Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. So it really depends on your child’s fitness and stamina.

However, you need to have a certain level of fitness to climb this majestic peak.

Do try it! Happy hiking and stay safe!

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