Pokfulam Country park ( Peak) to Wan Chai Gap Road hike – Easy

After the Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai hike, the husband and I thought we’d do a short one. However, that was not the case, we ended up doing a 12 kilometre hike from the peak via Pokfulam Country Park to Wan Chai Gap road.

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

How to get there: You can refer to my blog Peak Trail or you can take number 15 from Admiralty MTR exit C1 to the top. We took an Uber to the Peak Galleria and started from the Pokfulam country park.

We continued down the slopes and followed the signs that pointed towards Peel Rise.

We continued on our way and turned left when we came to two paths.

Again there we came to a crossroad and decided to take the left towards Peel Rise.

Turn left again
The distance post as soon as you turn left

We got to see Mount Johnston that we climbed the previous day and Lamma island far off in the distance.

We got closer to Aberdeen and we could see the cemetery and the marina down below.

We walked till we reached a sign that pointed towards Wan Chai Gap road. We took the left and climbed over 200 steps.

The steps were run down and they seemed to be never ending.

We climbed all the way up and reached a lovely rugged path.

We walked quite a bit on this rugged path till we reached Aberdeen Country Park. We came to a concrete path.

We climbed up the short steep slope and walked towards the entrance towards the Wan Chai side.

Finally, we reached the Police Museum and walked towards the Wan Chai Gap road which was a steep sloped walk down but better the other way around. However, take care of the knees and try to walk with the behind pushed out and a somewhat seating position whilst walking down. 😁

Finally we reached the end of our hike bang opposite Eric Kayser. We had a quick bite at Five Guys on Johnston Road and took a bus home.

This was a fun hike, dog friendly and child friendly too. Just a long one.

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  1. Thanks
    we are following your hiking suggestions and we have done already too trails- Mui wo and Aberdeen. Base on your inputs. Both the trails we have done in the late evening hours it was quite helpful.

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