Ap Lei Chau ( Mount Johnston) to Ap Lei Pai Hike – Difficult

The husband was completing his leave for the year and so we decided we’d hike as much as possible. We thought why not start with something different and difficult and we did just that. We hiked from Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai via Mount Johnston.

A few pointers before I give you details:

1. This hike is for those who are experienced hikers, not beginners and for those with a good stamina.

2. Wear proper footwear as the slopes are very rocky and slippery.

3. Use gloves if needed. We didn’t wear gloves as we preferred using our bare hands.

4. Keep your cell phone tucked nicely as you may drop it in on your way up or on your way down.

5. Eat a good breakfast as you need the energy and also carry sufficient water with you.

6. Please do not litter and carry your litter home if there’s no garbage bin in sight.

Difficulty: 8/10 this hike is not for beginners

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with breaks

How to get there: We took the MTR to Lei Tung and exited at B, walked towards the bus stop and to the little opening between the two yellow booths.

You could also take buses 96,97 and 98 to Lei Tung for this hike.

We climbed up the steps that led us to the rugged path.

There was a warning sign at the start itself. Post that the tedious part started. There were two paths running parallel to each other. We decided to follow the one on the right.

We could see Horizon Plaza, Lamma island at a distance. There were ropes but in some places we had to use our hands whilst climbing too.

Finally we reached the top of Mount Johnston.

We got lovely views of Lamma, Aberdeen, Ocean park and Ap Lei Chau from here. We waited for a bit and decided to conquer the other treacherous path down to the sandbar.

Came across some historical facts of World War II on a plaque on a rock.

The first part was a walk and seemed easy but then we were welcomed by a steep climb down.

Here, I decided to walk like a sloth and did not want to try any antics. Climbing down a hill is not my forte so I took it slow.

Aaah second part done!!

We reached the sandbar and enjoyed the open sea and the pretty sights.

Now the last part was left, this wasn’t as tough as the climb up to Mount Johnston or the way to the sandbar but it was a climb all the same.

I must mention that there was this good samaritan picking up garbage along the trail. Sadly, people throw their masks, plastic bottles and wrappers on hiking trails.

This was the guy 👆.

We got to see the path we climbed down and Oh my! It looked steep!

We got to see cave formations too and ocean park in the distance whilst we climbed up this path.

Finally we reached the Mount Johnston lighthouse. We got to see a fisherman busy fishing away on the pier.

We also spotted a hidden natural pool where you could take a dip but being winter, didn’t come across any brave hearts in there.

There are sampans that take you to Aberdeen for HKD 50-80 but we decided to retrace our steps back and decided to be extra adventurous and climbed up and down and back up and down till we reached the bus stop.

Yup that’s me after the hike. I fell thrice on my behind and scrambled up like a monkey up Mount Johnston after the lighthouse viewing but it was worth it.

I felt a sense of achievement after completing this hike and ticked it off my list of hikes. I think this was one of the hikes on Hong Kong Island that was pending and now I am done ✔️.

However, this hike is definitely not for the faint hearted or for beginners. You need to be an intermediate or an advanced hiker to try this.

This is a dog friendly hike as we had the company of a handsome dog on this trail.

Do try this hike! Stay safe and hike in twos!! 😁

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Thank you 😊.

2 thoughts on “Ap Lei Chau ( Mount Johnston) to Ap Lei Pai Hike – Difficult

  1. Did this too last wk with friends just on a whim! Decided at dinner & off next afternoon – pleasantly surprised myself by completing it. Such a lovely hike. Following your blog & liking the suggestions Charmaine. Keep them all coming 🙂

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