Lamma Island hike – Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan – Easy

This Saturday the husband, son and I decided to go to Lamma for a family hike. Some friends joined us at Central ferry pier and social distancing norms were followed where we walked in twos at a distance.

Difficulty : 1/10

Duration: 2 hours at a slow pace enjoying the sights and sounds

How to get there: Take the ferry to Sok Kwu Wan from Central pier number 4.

We decided to take the 10:20 am ferry which we literally got by the skin of our teeth. My friend ran like there was no tomorrow all the way from Central station to IFC to the pier but she made it!!

Once we reached Sok Kwu Wan we followed the signs towards Yung Shue Wan.

There were loads of restaurants and little eateries in Sok Kwu Wan but we decided to have lunch at Yung Shue wan.

We took the easy path to Yung Shue wan which was along the sea shore.

We came across these interesting caves used by the Japanese during the war to hide their speedboats.

It was really fascinating and spooky.

We continued on the concrete path and we walked some pretty villages that were adorned with Christmas decorations.

We followed the sign to Yung Shue Wan, which was clear and directions such as this were set up at many places along the path.

We continued straight and didn’t do the 150 meter family walk.

There was a slight incline but not steep at all.

There was a board giving details of what one could do at Yung Shue Wan too. We were interested in reaching Yung Shue Wan to have some grub as we were famished.

We came across two routes but we followed the one towards Yung Shue Wan .

On the way we took a little detour down to the shore where my son saved a puffer fish that was stuck between two rocks. We had fun getting down the rope to the rocky path.

We enjoyed on the rocks for a bit monkeying around before we hit the concrete path.

We passed by the Concerto inn which looked interesting for a staycation in future.

My son was hungry and decided to gorge on a juicy sausage made by this sweet lady who also sold buttered corn and other goodies.

We continued on our way to the village passing by houses and through the market.

We walked to the ferry pier to check on the ferry timings and decided to have lunch at this place called Beer and Babble at Yung Shue Wan where we sat two at a table following the social distancing rules laid down by the Hong Kong government.

We made a mistake having coffee at this restaurant where the menu stayed ‘ Chicken sweat corn soup’ and also free wife šŸ˜

But overall a fun filled Saturday! This path is extremely easy and one enjoy a nice day out with family and friends at Lamma.

Dog friendly and child friendly hike for sure.

Do try this hike!

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Happy hiking and stay safe!

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