Pokfulam Country Park – The Peak to Peel Rise, Aberdeen – Easy

The wifely and motherly chores were done. The men were busy with their online schooling and work from home, my canine kids were asleep and I decided it’s time to head out and explore something new.

I booked an Uber, a Tesla Model x was my drive to the Peak and decided to walk from the top ; Pokfulam Country Park start to Peel rise in Aberdeen, approximately 8 Kilometres.

Duration: 2 hours at a glacial pace

Difficulty: 2/10 just a gradual incline and not a very steep climb up some steps

How to get there: I took an Uber as mentioned above. However, you can take the number 15 bus from the bus stop near Admiralty exit C1 on your right. It takes you straight up to the Peak. The starting point of the hike is opposite the bus terminus and the parking lot of the Peak Galleria.

It was a slope downwards. Concrete all the way. It was quite cool and not sunny.

I came to this sign post which pointed towards the Peak, Pokfulam and Peel rise. I decided to go towards Peel rise.

There were distance posts along the way which form a part of the Hong Kong trail. I kept on to the path and followed the signs.

There was a viewing point which was nice though I had to walk down three flights of steps down and back up.

From there I could see Lamma, Discovery Bay, Mui Wo, Peng Chau far off in the distance.

I walked back up and got on to the path.

I came to crossroads which was confusing but went straight past the phone post and route board.

Again there were two paths but I turned left. Luckily I asked a hiker and she confirmed that I was on the path to Peel rise.

I kept on to the Hong Kong trail path and the distance posts on the way confirmed I was on the right track.

I came to this phone booth and steps; 943 to be precise going down ( it was marked 😁).

There was a viewing point there too where I could see Aberdeen.

I continued towards Peel rise and followed the signs that stated Hong Kong trail.

Here the path was narrow but got some lovely views of Aberdeen and the cemetery.

I took a left when I came to this bridge. And oooh just below this bridge I got to see a Tiger Keelback slithering hurriedly away. But this snake slithered towards me. 😱

I hurriedly walked on this path as I didn’t want company.

I came to a post which gave directions towards Wan Chai Gap, the peak and Peel rise. I continued towards Peel rise.

Here I got to see a jackfruit tree and the Olympic logo 2008 engraved in the ground. Also someone had made a home under that bridge.

I continued and came near the cemetery. I walked down the concrete path and saw a run down, abandoned school building of St. Peter’s secondary school.

I kept walking down and came to Peel rise road.

I crossed the road and got on to Aberdeen Reservoir road and then on to Aberdeen main road to get to the bus stop.

I finally found a bus stop and took the number 77 back home.

This was a good hike and a pretty easy hike too. It is child friendly ( saw kids along the way) and dog friendly too.

Do try this hike. If you’re a beginner you won’t find this too difficult.

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Happy Hiking and stay hydrated!

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