Shek O Country Park ~ Big Wave Bay Beach – Easy

Mondays are normally my days of rest where I take a break from hiking. But due to this pandemic the son and husband are both schooling and working from home and my two canine kids have occupied the other bedrooms. Where do I go!! So I decided to go for a hike and at 3 PM I did just that.

I didn’t want to do anything strenuous so I took a cab to Shek O country park. But that’s the easier way.

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Then take the number 9 bus to the Tai Tam Gap correctional institute stop and walk up the steps of the Shek O Country Park.

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: 1/10 this is an extremely easy hike, perfect for a beginner.

The bus stops near the board of the Shek O Country park.

I walked up the steps and turned right, walked up the slope and walked towards the Big Wave Bay beach sign.

This was a concrete path. It was more a walk than a climb.

There was a nice sitting area too where you could take a break if needed.

This path was filled with pretty flora and fauna too.

Here I came to the Pottinger Peak Country trail. I walked straight on the concrete path.

Do not take this right to go to Big Wave bay, keep going straight. 

I kept walking straight on this path and I enjoyed the flutter of butterflies and the sights of leaves changing colour.

Finally I came to a board that pointed towards Big Wave Bay and one towards Cape Collinson road. I took the path towards the beach.

This was the best part. Extremely scenic views, blue skies and blue waters at nearly 4 PM.

There were over 1100 steps! Thankfully I was not walking up from the beach but walking down to the beach.

The sights were so pretty along the way. Fir trees covered the path on both sides which was lovely.

Waves lashed the rocks and got to see people paddle boarding down below on the beach.

Finally I got down on to the beach, chilled there for some time. Spotted a cave and watched the waves crash against the rocks.

There’s a lovely restaurant at the beach too where you get tasty foods and super smoothies.

Sadly, dogs are not allowed on the beach but you could definitely take them on this hike. They would surely enjoy it.

I walked to the bus stop and took the red mini bus to Shaukeiwan MTR. The charge is a flat 10 HKD.

There is a number 9 bus stop which will take you to Shaukeiwan MTR too.

This is a perfect hike if you’re new to Hong Kong and a beginner. It’s more a walk and picturesque. You can relax at the beach after your walk.

This is a child friendly hike. It is a dog friendly hike too, however dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Do try this hike and you can follow me on for more hikes.

Happy hiking and stay safe!

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