Tai Tam Bay to To Tei Wan Beach ( Hong Kong Trail) – Easy

Me time is so important and sometimes it’s necessary to spend some time by yourself. For me hiking is my me time, my form of meditation amongst nature in all its forms.

This path was extremely pretty, I found a new hidden gem, got to see a water spider swimming, an egret sipping on water, flutter of butterflies and loads of shrubbery.

Difficulty: 3/10 the last set of steps from the beach to the bus stop opposite Dragon’s back trail.

Duration: 2.5 hours

How to get there: I took the number 14 from the Grand Promenade bus terminus to Tai Tam Reservoir ( North), Tai Tam road stop. Before alighting, I tapped out again and got a 3 HKD Rebate.

I walked back and I saw a brown post and walked down.

Suddenly, I saw a path to my right and decided to walk down.

It was a bit scary as I was the only lone soul on this path. However, I continued on my way.

I continued on this absolutely rugged path unaware of where it was leading.

I came to this rocky path and that was the end. I turned and looked to my right and there was this little pool.

I decided to get back on the trail so I retraced my steps.

There were distance posts along the way so if you’re ever lost call 999.

This was a concrete path unlike the earlier one.

I kept walking on this path enjoying nature and I also took note of the distance post numbers.

I came to an opening where I got lovely views of the Tai Tam bay. I could also see the Tai Tam bridge across.

I walked on the concrete path and in the catchment below I saw this sole egret drinking water. It was a lovely sight.

This path was filled with so much beauty. I was extremely happy that I could take in all these gorgeous sights and beautiful sounds.

I also spotted a water spider zooming in the water. That was an interesting sight. I had never ever seen this before.

I continued on the path. Down below I saw abandoned, dilapidated houses and the temple I had visited these sites three years when I hiked with friends and I remember these two big dogs that were there.

Here is the blog for directions on how to get to the temple:


However, this time I stuck to the path. I had seen all those sites before.

I kept on straight on the path and passed quite a few distance posts.

I came to a rugged path and walked on it. This led to the beach ; the To Tei Wan beach.

There was a sign that pointed towards the Dragon’s back trail. But I carried on to the beach.

Sadly, came across an overflowing garbage bin and I couldn’t do much to clean. Though that is going to be on my agenda; a clean up drive.

I got on to the beach and it was heavenly. The water was so blue reflecting the colours of the sky.

I relaxed for a bit on the beach and then headed back. I had to climb quite a few steps actually many steps to reach the top; the number 9 bus stop opposite the start of the Dragon’s back trail.

This was a nice long hike of approximately 9 kilometres but a very picturesque hike.

This is a dog friendly and child friendly hike if you stick to the concrete path. You don’t want to try something adventurous with young kids in tow.

However, they would enjoy this hike as there’s a lot to see.

Do try it and if you enjoy this hike do follow me for hikes less travelled on


Happy hiking and stay safe!

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