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At 12 PM the husband suddenly decided that he wanted to do a short hike during his lunch break and so we decided to hike up Siu Ma Shan via Mount Parker to Mount Butler. What a decision! But absolutely worth it!

Duration: 2 hours from Sai Wan Ho

Difficulty: 5/10

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo and exit at B. We walked from home but we got on to Greig’s road and continued on to the Wilson Trail stage 2.

We got on to Mount Parker and walked up the slope.

We climbed up Jacob’s Ladder which was like a steep stairway of 599 steps to be precise.

Finally, we reached the top of Mount Butler drenched in sweat. Obviously 🙄!

We headed down the rocks towards Siu Ma Shan.

That was Mount Butler!

We continued down the sandy path and turned right towards Siu Ma Shan.

The views were fantastic, beautiful blue skies graced us and we got to see the western side of Hong Kong too.

Thankfully I wore my Columbia hiking shoes which were apt for this hike.

We continued and came to a tiny structure protruding from the ground. That was Siu Ma Shan. 😁

We continued walking down the rugged terrain whilst we admired the ‘to die for’ views.

We came to the Siu Ma Shan bridge and turned right towards Sir Cecil’s ride.

We continued till we reached Sir Cecil’s ride path and turned right as we wanted to take the same path home.

We got back on to Greig’s Road and hopped in to a cab as my better half had an office meeting. But we walked over 8.5 kilometres.

This was a fantastic hike! Super workout and even though it was extremely sunny it was cool. One of the benefits of hiking in winter.

Very dog friendly hike and I saw a couple of kids hiking this trail too.

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