Tai Tam Mound Waterfall ~ Quarry Bay via Mount Parker – Easy

Today ( Tuesday, December 1, 2020), I decided to spend some time with myself and so I went in search of the Tai Tam Waterfall which I heard was ensconced somewhere at the Tai Tam Reservoir.

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 2 hours back to Sai Wan Ho

How to get there: I took the number 14 from the Grand Promenade bus terminus to Tai Tam Reservoir ( North), Tai Tam road stop. Before alighting, I tapped out again and got a 3 HKD Rebate.

Once I got off I walked back to the Hong Kong Trail and crossed the road to the start of the trail.

The path was rugged and trees covered both sides of the path.

Got to see Persimmons hanging from a tree. Spotted them at the Aberdeen Country Park too.

I kept walking on this muddy, rugged trail in search of this hidden waterfall.

I came to a small stream and stopped there for a bit. Clicked some pictures of pretty butterflies and spent some time in solitude listening to the sound of the water.

But that wasn’t the waterfall that I saw online. I climbed up the steps and came to a set of signs on my left.

Though the sign stated road closed, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out what was hidden.

I climbed down this treacherous path , holding on to branches of trees and roots, hoping I wouldn’t slip and fall. I prayed whilst I climbed down. Here, one must wear hiking shoes. Luckily, I had worn my Merrel hiking shoes which I have used for over 6 years. They are as tough as ever.

Finally, I came to this pretty sight. The WATERFALL!!

It was beautiful!!


I spent some time there and then continued back up to where I started.

I continued on the beaten path towards Tai Tam.

I decided to walk up the Mount Parker Section and I came across these old dilapidated houses hidden.

I kept walking up this concrete path which was such a contrast to the rugged path earlier.

I continued on the Mount Parker section path and continued up till I reach the top of Mount Parker.

Walking down was a breeze but instead of walking down Mount Parker, I decided to take a detour, I turned right and ambled down to Kornhill.

I came across these stoves again, with a very detailed description.

The end was the icing on the cake where I stumbled upon these two lazy boars taking a nap after a heavy lunch I presume.

I strolled down towards Greig’s road and walked home back to Sai Wan Ho.

This was a fantastic hike. I absolutely enjoyed spending time with myself, by myself…. something we all must do. And what better than hiking by oneself amongst the greens and blues of nature.

This is a child friendly and dog friendly hike, however it’s not stroller friendly if you’re planning to take the path to the Tai Tam Waterfall.

Anyway, enjoy this trail… happy hiking.

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2 thoughts on “Tai Tam Mound Waterfall ~ Quarry Bay via Mount Parker – Easy

  1. They seem to have removed the ropes to climb down to the falls recently – we were there last in April this year and the rope surely helped!

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