Discovery Bay to Mui Wo hike – Easy

We decided to hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo on a Saturday morning. The skies were grey and there was a semblance of rain but we decided to carry on anyway.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes – 6.42 kilometers

Difficulty: 3/10 only slopes

How to get there: We took the 9:30 a.m. ferry from Central Pier number 3. The timings differ on the weekend and public holidays. Here is the site:

It took about 25 minutes to reach. A calm, peaceful ride thankfully as I suffer from motion sickness. However, music helped and I reached happy and clean 😁.

We got off at Discovery Bay pier south and decided to have a bite at Pacific Coffee before we started this hike.

After our friend joined us we turned left from the Bus terminal and kept walking towards Plaza Lane, reached Discovery Bay road, crossed the street and turned left.

We walked towards the Lantau Yacht club and turned right. We entered a path which was the start of the hike to Mui Wo.

We walked along the beach which was serene, the sound of the sea and the cool breeze filled our ears.

We walked through the quaint village which was covered with beautiful flowers. We got to see Organic farms along the way.

We found a volunteer group from a bank cleaning up the beach which was admirable.

We kept walking along the beach and turned back in to the village.

There were signs along the way so one could never get lost.

We came to a long flight of steps and climbed.

Along this path we came across crosses nailed on trees signifying the stations of the cross.

We came to a guesthouse of the trappist monastery which was shut due to Covid.

We continued on our way after resting there for a bit and decided to visit the chapel, which was closed too.

A bit further was the residence of the monks but we respected their privacy and didn’t venture in.

We continued on our way to Mui Wo.

Here we got to see lovely views from a height.

We could see that we were getting close to Mui Wo.

Finally we were reaching flat ground.

We walked along the Silvermine beach, hungry now. We stopped to go to the loo and then continued towards the Mui Wo pier.

We decided to have Turkish food at Bahce which was a Turkish restaurant. The food was good and reasonably priced.

After this heavy meal we took the ferry from Mui Wo back to Central. This was a cheaper ride approximately 28 hkd unlike the 46 hkd we paid from Central to Discovery Bay.

This was a Saturday well spent; a fantastic hike with a delicious meal.

This is a very dog friendly hike and dogs are allowed in ferries too. Children will enjoy this hike too. A perfect picnic for a weekend.

Happy hiking and stay safe.

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