Mount High West – from Peak Tram lower terminus Medium

Sunday evening and my best half decided to burn the excessive calories that we consumed over the weekend by hiking up to the Peak to Mount High West.

Difficulty: 6/10 short but steep slopes and steps

How to get there: Take the MTR to Central and exit at J2 and keep following the Peak Tram sign and then walk up the Tramway Path.

Duration: 2:5 hours up and down the same way

We walked up the Tramway Path and followed the signs that stated Central Green Trail.

We crossed the road and followed Brewin Path upwards.

We kept following the Central green trail path. It wasn’t sunny and it was quite comfortable hiking up the steep slopes.

It was nice and shaded and greenery graced every path.

The way up is a bit strenuous and you need to be fit but the views are fantastic.

We continued on Barker Road and up Findlay path till we reached the peak, near wildfire and Pacific coffee.

We crossed over from Peak Tower to Harlech road and walked along the morning trail.

After the 1800 meter mark there was a sign on the left which pointed to High West.

We continued up loads of steps and crossed over a 100 people along the way.

Steps and steps and more steps.

Finally we reached the top.

We continued on a treacherous path towards the edge and got gorgeous views.

We didn’t want to be overly adventurous and end up falling off so we stuck to the beaten trail. We got lovely sights of the west, north and south of the island.

We came back down the same way. It was getting dark so we ran down a bit.

However best to avoid weekends as it was toooooo crowded.

It isn’t child friendly but saw many who had kids in tow. Very dog friendly hike though on the way to the peak, you need to leash your pet as there are times we walk on the road.

A fantastic hike~ super workout and super views.

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