Shaukeiwan Reservoir to Tai Tam Reservoir ~ hidden trail – Easy

My day off from work has been moved to Monday, so two friends and I decided to start the new week with a hike and what a hike it was. Fantastic!

Duration: a little over 3 hours and over 12 kilometres as we took short breaks to take in the breathtaking views

Difficulty: 4/10 a bit of climbing and rugged terrain

How to get there: We met at Sai Wan Ho Mtr exit A and from there we crossed over King’s road and took the street filled with loads of vegetable, meat and fish vendors. Opposite Wellcome we took the escalators which took us to the self-pick up center of IKEA. We got out and took a right and continued our walk up the road, passed the bus stop and ended up at the start of the trail.

We continued up this slope and passed through a small sit out area and climbed up the steps and took a right which led to a lovely rugged path.

We came across a two signs and followed the Mount Parker route.

It was a beautiful day, a bit humid due to the onset of Typhoon Nangka but the views made us forget the heat.

We followed the Mount Parker Road board and turned left near the Road closed sign. We entered such a beautiful path.

This path was rocky and rugged and we walked carefully as we could trip and hurt ourselves.

We got fantastic views of the east of the island and also came across tiny waterfalls. It was blissful.

We continued on this path, came across beautiful ferns and shrubbery along the way.

After the rugged, rocky path we got onto a concrete path which was winding and filled with trees and plants on both sides. We felt we were in a jungle with vines.

Got lovely views from here too.

Finally we came to end of this path and followed the sign that stated Tai Tam Reservoir and continued straight. We didn’t turn right towards Tai Fung Au.

We continued towards the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir.

It was sunny but beautiful.

Finally we reached the end of our trail and ended at the Tai Tam Reservoir trail toilets.

Over 3 hours on foot but it was absolutely worth it. From there we took the number 14 bus back home.

This is a child friendly and pet friendly hike, however not stroller friendly.

Do try this and let me know.

For more details on the Tai Tam Reservoir hike; you can refer to my blog:

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