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Tai Mo Shan Hike – Difficult


Finally my friend and I decided to hike up the beastly, highest peak of Hong Kong on a Saturday. 957 meters high but we decided to forgo our limitations and planned to tick this must do off our bucket list.

Duration: Keep 6 hours for this hike because you want to enjoy the different waterfalls along the climb. We also took the long, rugged, rocky route.

Difficulty: 8/10 it’s a steep climb, the rocky steps are high and the last bit is arduous especially on a sunny afternoon.

How to get there: We took the train till Kam sheung road and exited at exit C. We walked to the bus stop which was opposite the exit and took the 64 K bus and alighted at the stop after the Kadoorie farm stop. Opposite the road there is the NG TUNG CHAI sign. We crossed over and started walking up the slope.

Bus stop … everyone into their phones
Beautiful rose bush

We kept following the path. Along the way there were directions leafing us to the waterfall.

Beautiful views
We came across this monastery or temple, which was guarded by dogs. Luckily, they were kind to us.
A tiny little waterfall…. more like a trickle

We continued following the signs which said waterfall.

We then came across two signs, one which stated to Tai Mo Shan with waterfalls and one without waterfalls. Obviously it was a no brainer and we followed the sign that said with waterfalls.

Came across such beautiful nature along the way. Finally we came face to face with the first proper waterfall.

We decided to have our breakfast and celebrate our birthdays too at this place.

We continued on our way and came across another beautiful waterfall.

And again we followed the path and came across another waterfall 😅.

We continued and we came to the main fall which was majestic.

We had to continue through the waterfall path and came across a cave in the peak. It was fantastic.

We also came across the scatter fall which was a pretty sight too.

We came across a ruin along the way… weird place as it was right in the middle of the path.

We continued on our way.

We reached a part of the summit but it wasn’t the summit. We had to walk up the steep slope with our aching calves to reach the ‘damn balls’ ( observatory) . It was a hot day and we were tired but we trudged along.

We got to see lazy cows and bulls grazing and lazing whilst we climbed up that steep slope.

Finally we reached the summit … woohoo. 957 meters high!!

We found the path which is the easier path from Tsuen Wan west which is all concrete and walked down that sloped, paved path. Some take this path as it’s much easier and you can hike up with kids and strollers too.

We finally reached the end and crossed the road to the bus stop and took number 51 to Tsuen Wan west Mtr.

This was a fantabulous hike. It was tough but we were graced by beautiful views, sights and sounds. We celebrated our 40th and 41st birthdays respectively in style.

This is a hike you can do with your kids even if you take the tough path ( no strollers) and you can take your pets too. Came across a few canine hikers along the way.

Do try this hike!!

Happy hiking peeps!

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