Kowloon Peak and Suicide Cliff – Difficult

I always wanted to climb up the Kowloon Peak which I could view from my balcony and finally I decided to do it.

So I took my Hong Kong hiking chicks, 7 of them joined as this is not a hike for the faint hearted and we successfully conquered this peak and Suicide hill too.

Difficulty: 8/10

Duration: 4 hours with photography and climbing down to the edge of Suicide hill

How to get there: I took the Mtr to Choi Hung and exited at C2. The green mini bus stop is just outside the Mtr and also from exit B, if you walk to your right it’s just there. However exit C2 more convenient. We took mini bus 1A to Fei Ngo Shan road and took the left and walked up the road.

We got some lovely views along the way, however it was not very sunny and we didn’t have the clearest day, but nonetheless it was beautiful.

We kept walking till we came to the danger sign board and a rock marked 328 meters.

We clicked a few photos before we started the arduous climb.

Got some lovely views whilst we climbed to the peak.

Finally we continued the climb to the top and reached the peak.

But this wasn’t enough, some of was wanted to go further to climb onto the treacherous Suicide hill which is infamous for 7 deaths in a year.

The climb down to Suicide hill was tough as we had to climb down uneven, pokey rocks and if we missed a step we could fall right off into the expanse of green. However we slowly climbed down towards Suicide Cliff and finally reached the end. We didn’t want to risk our lives further so we stopped and clicked pictures there.

We decided to take the picturesque long, rocky route back instead of going back the way we came. That involved climbing up and down three hills which wasn’t easy but it was worth every drop of sweat and every particle of dust on our backside.

Got a view of the Kowloon peak that we had climbed from this bushwhacking trail too.

The views were stunningly beautiful as the sun had peeked out from the clouds too.

We came to a path which was rocky and we had to be careful as it was slippery and steep and if we missed a rock we would all topple down like 8 skittles.

We finally reached the end of this trail and rested a bit near the start of the Wilson trails. Luckily we spotted some toilets too ( not the cleanest).

We continued down the concrete path which we realised was Fei Ngo Shan road and walked down till we reached the green mini bus stop which was bang opposite the bus stop where we started the hike.

Finally we got number 11 bus which took us to Choi Hung Mtr.

We were dirty, our legs hurt and we were tired but we enjoyed every bit of this hike. This hike was a lovely mix of bushwhacking, rock climbing, rugged muddy terrain and concrete… all in one hike.

One more suggestion is you could take a cab from Choi Hung Mtr to the start of the trail up Fei Ngo Shan road to the danger sign to save 25 minutes of climbing time from the mini bus stop on Clearwater bay road.

But this was our first time so we tried the long way.

This is a fantastic, treacherous hike and if you want a super workout and literally walk on the edge do try this, it’s fun!!

Happy hiking peeps!

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